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UnderMine (PC cover
Game Box forUnderMine (PC)


A roguelike, in which we play the role of miners traversing an extensive mine. In UnderMine, we explore the undergrounds, fight against enemies and help the characters we meet, gradually growing in strength and facing increasing threats.

RPG | fantasy | roguelike | 2D | dungeon-crawler | top-down | indie games | action adventure | action RPG

UnderMine Release Date







developer: Thorium publisher: Fandom Official website

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UnderMine is a roguelike, made as an action adventure game with RPG elements. The game, inspired by productions such as The Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy, was developed by the independent Thorium studio and published by Fandom.


In UnderMine, we play the role of a poor miner who dreams of countless riches. The hero, who works in a large mine, is one day given the task of locating the source of powerful shocks felt throughout the complex. The brave hero goes deeper and deeper, faces numerous threats and rescues those in need. If he dies in this... well, his place will be taken by another miner who will use the property he left behind and (maybe) do better.


In UnderMine the action is shown from the bird's eye view. We spend most of our time here in the procedurally generated undergrounds. The mine is full of secrets, so it is worth looking into every corner, for hidden passages, and sometimes also using explosives; thanks to them, we can, for example, get rid of selected walls or other obstacles standing in our way. In addition, on the way we meet NPCs requiring rescue. If we help them, they will retreat to our base camp and open their shops and workshops where we can prepare for the next expedition, getting useful equipment and various improvements.

This is all the more important because the deeper we go, the greater the dangers we meet. Fights with enemies that are at the forefront of all kinds of monsters are dynamic, and while the standard enemies are not too dangerous (provided they don't have an overwhelming numerical advantage over us), bosses much more powerful than them have much greater attack strength and resistance to damage. For this reason, during the fight we have to show not only dexterity and reflexes, but also skillfully use the powers of the possessed items; the items can additionally be combined into powerful objects. Apart from that, from time to time we meet chapels on our way, where we can "pray" for a certain buff (or take out a debuff like a curse).

Despite the fact that in this game permadeath mechanics has been implemented and death results in the necessity to start the crossing from the beginning, we do not stay empty-handed after each start of the game. The next miners receive the whole property of their predecessors, so regaining the loss is not so painful.

Technical aspects

UnderMine has colourful two-dimensional graphics in a style reminiscent of 16-bit era.

Game mode: single player  

User score: 8 / 10 based on 27 votes.

Age restrictions UnderMine: Good for all ages.

UnderMine System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Minimum:
  • Dual Core 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • graphic card 1 GB Intel HD or better
  • 2 GB HDD
  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Recommended:
  • Dual Core 3.2 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • graphic card 1.5 GB GeForce GTX 480 / 2 GB Radeon HD 5870 or better
  • 2 GB HDD
  • Windows 10 64-bit
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