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void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2 (Switch cover
Game Box forvoid* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2 (Switch)

void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2

The second part of the roguelike and dungeon crawler game series, launched in 2020. In Void Terrarium 2 we once again play a robot taking care of a girl named Toriko, who has to stay in the terrarium.

RPG | science fiction | roguelike | Post Apocalypse | dungeon-crawler | top-down | action RPG

void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2 Release Date


PS4 Switch

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Void Terrarium 2 is the second installment of the series of roguelikes and dungeon crawlers launched in 2020. It was developed by Nippon Ichi Software studio.


The action of Void Terrarium 2 is set again in a postapocalyptic world controlled by a toxic fungus that decimated humanity. We play as a robot known from the first game who takes care of a girl named Toriko. In order to stay alive, the girl has to live in a terrarium constructed by him and he has to provide her with everything she needs. Unfortunately, despite his efforts, the girl falls ill with a mysterious disease that gradually destroys her body. To save her, the hero will have to find out the causes of this strange disease.

Game mechanics

In Void Terrarium 2 we travel the world in search of valuable resources, as well as take care of Toriko, providing her with food, entertainment and companionship, and curing her of various diseases. Healing has been made even more important. We have to monitor the temperature and humidity level in the terrarium, because these parameters affect Toriko's mood. In addition, the girl can get new illnesses, such as the "balloon syndrome", which makes her body swell. About Toriko's condition we are constantly informed by a device called Pet Nanny.

During the exploration of the postapocalyptic land we observe the action from the top-down view, while staying in the terrarium, we observe the events from the side. Wandering around the game world involves facing various enemies, neutralizing or avoiding traps and finally facing high contamination which has destructive influence on the state of the machine.

However, the game is worth the candle, because this is the only way we can gain invaluable resources, such as food and medicine for Toriko, as well as resources that we need to improve the terrarium (and produce items to manipulate its atmosphere) and develop the robot.

Technical aspects

Graphics of Void Terrarium 2 uses the cartoon style known from the first part of the series.

Last updated on 28 February 2022

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2: Good for all ages.

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