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Game Box for Westworld (AND)


A combination of economic strategy and simulation game, based on the popular movie and TV series Westworld. The players assume the role of a new employee of the Delos corporation.

Strategy | science fiction | Economic | play for free | western | TV series | 2D

Westworld cover

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Westworld for AND and iOS is an adaptation of the popular TV series from year 2016 and the movie from year 1973. It was developed by Warner Bros. Interactive in cooperation with Behaviour Interactive, the creators of the online game Dead by Daylight. This developer also created popular Fallout spin-off titled Fallout Shelter. Westworld is available for free.


Delos is an insanely rich corporation that pioneers when it comes to amusement and robotics. It created a technologically advanced “amusement park” in which the guests can go on a journey to the Wild West or other places. There are plenty of attractions for the visitors there – they can graze cattle, visit saloons, accompany beautiful courtesans and even participate in revolver duels. The guests can’t get hurt because they are “serviced” by androids called “hosts”, tasked with providing the highest quality of amusement. For everything to work perfectly, a qualified management crew is required. No one would like an inexperienced worker to cause a rebellion among the androids. Because of that, the skills of recruits are tested through a special simulator. Among the people that must prove their value to the bosses of Delos, there is the protagonist controlled by the player.


The gameplay in Westworld for AND and iOS is similar to gameplay in Fallout Shelter. The title combines traits of economic strategy and simulation games. First the players must design their park – construct facilities and laboratories where new technologies can be discovered. Prepared location must be then filled with androids. There are more than 170 types of androids available in the game – each one better suits specific attraction. The robots can be personalized and upgraded so that they are even better with their tasks. After creating the “hosts”, the supervisor must then match the robots to visitors depending on what attractions they want.

Providing entertainment is only one side of Westworld. Androids created by Delos scientists can be sometimes unpredictable. Their AI algorithms must be constantly checked. It can be done with a series of questions, for example “Did you ever wanted to hurt someone?” or “Do you question the reality you live in?” If there is any doubt, an error in the “mind” of the robot must be eliminated. Neglecting this might lead to a rebellion. That wouldn’t end well for guests or other employees of the amusement park.

Technical aspects

Westworld for AND and iOS features cartoon-like, two-dimensional graphics. Similarly to as in Fallout Shelter, the map of the amusement park is presented with a side perspective. That enables the players to see what happens both on the surface and underground, where offices, laboratories and workshops are placed.

Age Rating

age requirements: 16+

System requirements

Android OS

Apple iOS

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