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Zombasite: Orc Schism (PC cover
Game Box forZombasite: Orc Schism (PC)

Zombasite: Orc Schism PC

The first large DLC expansion for Zombasite, a unique hack ‘n’ slash developed by Soldak Entertainment. The new expansion adds new area types and three races – Dark Orcs, Mutated, and Zombie Lords.

This is Zombasite expansion pack.

RPG | fantasy | hack'and'slash | zombie | Isometric view | elements of strategy | indie games

Zombasite: Orc Schism Release Date PC




developer: Soldak Entertainment, Inc. publisher: Soldak Entertainment, Inc. Official website

English language game language: English

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Orc Schism for PC is a title of the first expansion pack to Zombasite, an unique hack ‘n’ slash developed by Soldak Entertainment.


As can be gathered from the title, Zombasite: Orc Schism introduces a new enemy to the already interesting setting. The titular race was created by a powerful necromancer as a byproduct of an attempt to raise an army of undead elves. For some time, the orcs were safe from Zombasite thanks to the dormant magic protecting their settlements. Unfortunately, the virus had finally managed to overcome the magic safeguard, infecting the orc population and creating three antagonistic groups – savage Dark Orcs, Mutated, an unstable hybrid of Elven and Orc blood, and Zombie Lords, powerful undead beings with access to the strength of Orcs and the intelligence of Elves.


Zombasite: Orc Schism for PC brings a number of new features, such as town sieges, new character class (Bard), or three specializations (Minstrel, Illusionist, and Sage). Moreover, we’ve received access to new environments, new monsters (representing the aforementioned factions), a wide range of quests, and additional human clans, with whom the player can communicate through diplomacy.

Technical Aspects

Zombasite: Orc Schism for PC is powered by the same technology seen in the basic game, which is required in order to run the expansion.

Last updated on 30 May 2017

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Zombasite: Orc Schism: Good for all ages.

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