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Gears Tactics Guide

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Gears Tactics: Action points - how to increase the number? Gears Tactics guide, walkthrough

Last update: 27 April 2020

In this part of our guide to Gears Tactics you will learn how to increase the number of action points of your soldiers. Action points are the basic currency in the game, which determines how many times each member of your unit can move, attack, perform actions or use any skill.

Each soldier has 3 action points, which can be used for movement, firing 3 shots towards the enemy or activating the overwatch mode. The more points you have, the more you are able to do during your turn.

The primary way to increase action points is to eliminate (execute) a weakened enemy. Some enemy units may fall to their knees after they have received a fatal blow. Such an opponent will be eliminated in the next round, but if your soldier gets close to him and performs a special action, the other members of your squad can gain 1 additional action point. If you perform several executions, the other soldiers will receive the corresponding amount of action points. You have to remember that the character who executes the opponent will not receive an extra action point. However, you can execute the enemy by using another soldier to hide your first unit from the enemy.

Another way is to buy the appropriate skills, which allows you to increase the number of action points during one turn. Each class puts emphasis on something different. For example, a Support class may use the "Empower" skill, which costs 1 action point but adds 1 action point to another soldier in your squad. The Heavy class can receive 2 action points per turn, instead of 1, for a successful execution performed by another team member. A Sniper has a skill that adds an action point for eliminating an enemy during an attack. Similarly, Vanguard gains an additional action point for eliminating the enemy with a bayonet.

It is worth investing in such skills to make better use of your soldiers. Your team will fight more opponents most of the time, so increasing the number of action points is the only solution to fight effectively in further levels of the game.

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