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Gears Tactics Guide

Table of Contents

Gears Tactics: Starting Tips Gears Tactics guide, walkthrough

Last update: 28 April 2020

In this chapter of the Gears Tactics guide, you will learn a handful of tips that will come in handy during the first hours of gameplay. The tips listed below are especially useful to beginners. As for veterans of the genre, it will be a brief reminder of what to do and what to avoid.

  1. Never send a lone soldier forward and end a turn in the open! A lone character without a cover is an easy target and vulnerable to more damage. Therefore...
  2. Always hide behind covers! The ideal position has a cover from at least two sides and enemies on only one side. In this way, you minimize the risk of getting flanked and limit the enemy's options.
  3. Covers are divided into two types: partial and full. The former doesn't provide much protection but doesn't block the field of view. Full cover, on the other hand, provides a greater defensive bonus but limits the range of fire and angle of view.
  4. The environment is indestructible! Virtually all obstacles, walls, vehicles, and other objects in the game world are indestructible. This has its pros and cons because the enemy can't destroy your cover, but your soldiers will be unable to do that too.
  5. Characters who use a cover receive smaller or minimal damage. Such bonuses can activate even if the unit was attacked from another side.
  6. At the end of each skirmish, your units will reload all available weapons for free. Therefore, it is worth focusing on eliminating opponents instead of spending action points on reloading weapons.
  7. Use a pistol to kill a wounded enemy. The advantage of this weapon is improved accuracy, although it inflicts little damage. Use the main weapon to attack and secure the area using the "Overwatch" skill.
  8. The "Overwatch" ability allows you to observe a designated area and attack an enemy during its turn. This way you can force your opponent to move because most action (even an attack) will activate this mode. With this action, you can secure the entrance or point of attack, easily repel units fighting with melee weapons or quickly deal with the enemy reinforcements.
  9. Pay attention when throwing grenades! Throwing a grenade slightly off-target can leave enemies alive. Even an opponent with 1 health point is still a threat - it has the same number of action points and isn't weakened in any way. During the throw, make sure each enemy has a skull icon above them. Only those enemies will die.
  10. Enemy units can cancel the "Overwatch" mode using abilities such as "Disabling shot" or other skills that can interrupt enemy actions - like "Interrupt".
  11. Use frag grenades instead of healing ones. The game strongly promotes an offensive (though often positional) play style - it is better to deal with a group of enemies by throwing a grenade than to heal a few health points of a single ally. Grenades are also used to close "e-holes" - holes from which enemy reinforcements emerge.
  12. Bayonet attack (Vanguard) or chainsaw attack (Support) always knocks out regular enemies, but you have to be careful who you fight. Some enemies automatically perform a melee attack if someone is within their range. Then your attack can be canceled - you risk additional damage.
  13. You can't increase the action points limit - it is always 3 points per turn. Some skills allow you to increase action points for the duration of a single turn. For example, the Support class specializes in strengthening allies. The "Empower" skill adds an action point to the allied unit.
  14. Executions are a simple way to increase the action points of the entire team. After a successful attack, the opponent's unit can receive "Downed" status. Any member of the team can perform a free execution by approaching that enemy. All other team members will gain 1 point.
  15. The only way to acquire new equipment is to perform missions and collect boxes scattered on the battlefield.
  16. Try to perform missions with different characters - don't rely only on the same team and the same soldiers. Heroes aren't always available in every mission, and recruits can be lost during battles. Try to have a trained and diverse team.
  17. Don't rely just on one type of soldiers! A team made up only of snipers can seem like a good idea and have a lot of firepower, but you will soon encounter a type of opponent who can easily deal with your squad.
  18. Upgrades and weapon modifications aren't permanently assigned to characters - you can exchange equipment between missions. On the other hand, some items are only available to a particular class. You get additional items for completing tasks.
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