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Gears Tactics Guide

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Gears Tactics: Execution - how to perform and benefit from it? Gears Tactics guide, walkthrough

Last update: 27 April 2020

In this chapter of our guide to Gears Tactics you will learn how to use executions. Executions are a special actions that can be performed by your soldiers on a weakened enemy (who is almost dead).

The execution can only be carried out on an opponent who is sitting on his knees and has a downed status. Your soldiers will often comment on such a situation after a successful attack. Also, the camera will clearly indicate the enemy who is in such a state.

To execute an enemy, you need a soldier who can approach a weakened opponent. The execution action is free of charge and gives every member of your team an extra action point (except the soldier who performs it). This way, you can increase overall pool of action points of your soldiers even by a few points. The additional points gained in this way are only valid in the current turn and do not move on to the next turn, so use all possible actions, for example reload weapons, place your soldiers in a better position, etc.

While executing, pay attention to the following issues:

  1. Can your soldier get close enough to the enemy and will be able to execute him? The soldier must be carefully moved near the enemy and the skull icon must show up. Otherwise, your soldier will just approach a dying enemy and do nothing.
  2. Is the shield icon shown if there is a cover nearby? Sometimes you have to gently move the mouse to make your soldier stick to the cover after the execution. Often, after a bad click, your character can simply stand still in a spot without cover. Then you'll have to use your next action point to escape to safety.
  3. Are there other enemy units near the weakened enemy? In most situations, it doesn't pay off to execute if your nearest soldier has only one action point and the weakened enemy is in the open field (and there are still enemies nearby). This way you'll lose more than you can gain. The exposed soldier is at risk of receiving major injury, and the opponent very often takes this opportunity.
  4. Are there more weakened enemies around? A few weakened enemies could change the fate of the turn. For example, performing 3 executions by using one soldier can exclude such a unit from the round, but will provide as many as 6 action points to other 3 soldiers (18 action points in total). In this situation you can get better results than using 3 action points by 4 soldiers (12 action points in total).

If there are a few enemies nearby and at least two of your soldiers, it's worth executing alternately. In this way, all soldiers will "recharge" and you can use the skills of every member of your team in the round.

Some of your soldier skills increase the bonuses associated with performing a successful execution. For example, the Heavy class has a skill that allows them to receive 2 action points when an ally successfully executes an enemy. The use of executions is an important part of the game, which will tip the scales of victory to your side more than once. Without additional action points, you will often be unable to defeat the overwhelming enemy forces.

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