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Gears Tactics Guide

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Gears Tactics: Wretch fights, tips Gears Tactics guide, walkthrough

Last update: 04 May 2020

This chapter of the guide to Gears Tactics will teach you all about the hostile unit that fights in the close range - Wretch.

These little creatures can cause a lot of trouble. They have few health points and fight hand-to-hand, but any unit near them will be attacked automatically. Therefore, charging at these units with bayonets or chainsaws is pointless. You will waste not only your action point but also your units' health and end up in an unfavorable spot.

Wretches almost always appear in groups of 5-6 units, but you will often encounter even bigger groups. Their primary tactic is a rapid frontal attack. They don't make fancy maneuvers or hide behind covers - they will always charge towards the nearest soldier. Sometimes they attack along with other units, such as a Drone or Grenadier. In this situation, the ranged units use Overwatch mode and Wretches attack your soldiers. If you move, you will receive damage from the ranged units. If your soldier stays in one place, they will get attacked by a Wretch.

The most important principle of fighting Wretches is to keep these units at a distance. They will attack your soldiers up close and inflict damage. Wretches will also stop their movement. When you try to move, they will automatically attack your units. This will make your units unable to engage in combat with more dangerous enemies. They are a formidable opponent - making no decision or wasting action points is a very bad outcome.

There are a few simple ways to fight this enemy. In the beginning, it is best to use grenades against groups of these units. Wretch has approx. 200 health points (depending on difficulty level) - each grenade will eliminate a large group of them. The second way is to order your soldiers to use Overwatch mode. However, you have to count how many action points you have. If enemies are close, you must fire at least as many shots as enemy units. Scout with their shotgun works great here. This unit has a short but wide range of fire in Overwatch mode and is perfect for short-range combat. In case of problems, the Scout can use their basic skill and hide from enemy sight. When the distance between your units and the hostile is considerable, you can play safe and set only a few units in the Overwatch mode.

In later levels, you should have experienced units with skills capable of defeating whole groups during a single turn. For example, Heavy can use "Explosive Shot" to eliminate several units. The Sniper class has skills that add action points for hitting or killing an enemy. A sniper rifle easily eliminates such units with a single shot.

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