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GreedFall Guide

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GreedFall: Best ending - how to get? GreedFall guide, walkthrough

Last update: 01 July 2021

Although many people argue that the best ending is the one we are presenting in our guide, Greedfall enables us to reach a truely good ending. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on what to do to see the happy epilogue.

How to get the best ending in Greedfall?

In order to get the best ending you have to - GreedFall: Best ending - how to get? - Endings - GreedFall Guide

In order to get the best ending you have to:

  1. Help comrades in their side missions. Complete all side quests and try to complete them as they come. If you delay, Kurt may betray you at some point in the game, which will change the course of some events and you will lose the opportunity to see the best ending. In the case of Siora, do not let her kill the soldier during the combat, help her steal her mother's body and bury her together. Talk to Petrus in his tasks and try to be lenient with the cleric for his past sins. Together with Kurt, find the regiment of spirits and solve the mystery of the camp. Help Aphra in her research and make sure that Dr. Asili was brought to trial and sentenced to death. In the case of Vasco - complete all his mission and try to follow the Naut's rules and do not fight with his comrades.
  2. Get best relations with other factions. In this case, you must complete all side missions for the faction. In the case of Theleme, find tablets of Saint Matheus and return them to their Mother Cardinal, convincing her that revealing them will help strengthen her state. For the Natives, help them, do not destroy the rebel camp and choose Dunncas as the king during the election. Coin Guard needs to be helped in the capture and sentencing of Egon. In Naut's missions, you have to remain undetected in specified locations, because it is very easy to destroy relations with the faction and end up with only "good" relations. In the case of the Alliance Bridge, get to Asili, sentence him (but not kill him) in the trial and bring Aphra to the execution.
  3. Choose Dunncas as the king. Dunncas is the ideal candidate for the king of the natives - he is smart, does not want war and was pushes for agreement.
  4. Help Ullan in side missions and he will get the epilogue to his adventures at the end of the game.

As a rule, to get the best ending, you need to get used to the role of a diplomat. Many tasks require you to make important decisions - try not to get in trouble with any faction and navigate so that you constantly have multiple relationship points with others to eventually end the main storyline on a friendly reputation.

Complete companion missions without delays, and try to help them, talk to them, and choose the right dialogue options (preferably in the chapters with romances). Do not seek to exterminate the natives, help them and try to maintain a balance with nature. In the finale, kill Constantin during the conversation, and you'll see the best ending in Greedfall.

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