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GreedFall Guide

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GreedFall: Difficulty level - which one is best? GreedFall guide, walkthrough

Last update: 01 July 2021

On this page of our guide to GreedFall we have provided our recommendations on how to choose the difficulty level of the game. You will learn about four main difficulty levels and the main differences between them.

There are 4 difficulty levels available in GreedFall, and all are available from the very beginning of the game - GreedFall: Difficulty level - which one is best? - FAQ - GreedFall Guide

There are 4 difficulty levels available in GreedFall, and all are available from the very beginning of the game:

  1. Easy difficulty level is reserved for people who want to learn the plot and explore the game world without stress. It is characterized by much simpler battles with enemies. Your opponents are weaker and less likely to attack, while team members deal more damage and can survive longer on the battlefield. At this level of difficulty you don't have to deal with active pause commands or the use of craft items.
  2. Normal difficulty level is the recommended choice for the first run of the game. It offers a balanced level of difficulty. No battle in the game should seem unbearable to you, but unlike the easy level, you must skillfully develop your main character, hand over better equipment to your team members, use active pauses during fights, and help yourself with crafting in order to improve your equipment and produce disposable items like potions.
  3. Hard difficulty level increases the degree of challenge during battles and duels with enemies. You must take into account that you will encounter more enemies with higher resistances and stronger attacks. The key to survival during many encounters can be flawless reliance on dodging and counter-attacking. Also, this mode places even more emphasis on spending development points wisely.
  4. Extreme level of difficulty is for players looking for the ultimate challenge. It makes enemies even stronger and additionally they can move more efficiently on the battlefield and attack at much faster pace. Your team must be wisely developed, have excellent equipment and a complete set of purchased or manufactured disposable items.

Two additional comments on the difficulty levels:

  1. Completing the entire game on Extreme level of difficulty is awarded with "The harder the better" trophy. Lower difficulty levels are not rewarded with any additional achievements. Regardless of the difficulty level you choose, you will earn the same trophies as you progress through the game's main story.
  2. You can change the difficulty level at any time in the game from the pause menu. If you play on other difficulty level than Extreme, you will lose the chance to win the aforementioned trophy. For other difficulty levels, you don't have to worry about any penalties for changing the challenge level.
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