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GreedFall Guide by

GreedFall Guide

Table of Contents

GreedFall: Main quests - list of all GreedFall guide, walkthrough

Last update: 05 July 2021

This page of the GreedFall guide has a list of all main and side quests as well as all companion quests. These lists should help you find quests you have missed or those you have problems with.

GreedFall: All main quests

A Cure for Melichor

  1. The Great Departure - This is a prologue quest in which you will learn the basics of combat, learn how to command a team, explore the starting location and defeat the first boss in the docks.
  2. The Battle of the Red Spears
  3. Old Countries in a New World
  4. Demonical Cult
  5. Scholars in the Expedition
  6. Face to Face with the Demon
  7. Quest for Panacea
  8. In Pursuit of the Tierna Harh Cadachtas
  9. The Trials of the Water
  10. On the High King's Trail
  11. Vinbarr's Sanctuary
  12. The New High King
  13. Face to Face with a God

An Ancient Secret

  1. Mystery of the Ancient Ruins
  2. The Prince's Secret

Coup D'état

  1. Treason!
  2. The Suffering of Constantin
  3. Searching for Constantin
  4. The Dead Man's Voice
  5. The Sky's Teeth

Constantin's Fate

A New Threat

  1. Attack on Hikmet
  2. The attack on San Matheus
  3. Where Madness Goes
  4. Together for Teer Fradee
  5. Breaking the Links
  1. Assault on the Heart - This is the final main quest of the game, in which you fight the final boss. Your hero also has to make an important choice which will affect the ending of the game.

GreedFall: All side quests

  1. In Professor Serafeddin's Footsteps - This is a unique side quest that involves finding 5 notes.

Before the Departure

  1. The Charlatan
  2. Coin Guard Merchandise & Heretic Hunt
  3. Disappearance among the Nauts

The Children of Teer Fradee

  1. An Aspiring Merchant
  2. A Peculiar Alliance
  3. Inquisition
  4. Logging Expedition
  5. The price of blood
  6. Camp of the Ordo Luminis

The Shadows of the Guard

  1. The Man With the Silver Coin
  2. Champion Of The Arena
  3. Contraband
  4. Human Trafficking
  5. Egon's Face

In the Name of Science

  1. Attack on Caravans
  2. At the center of the rebellion
  3. The Experiments of Dr. Asili
  4. The Trial

The Origins of Theleme

  1. Trouble in Eden
  2. Theological Conflicts
  3. In the Footsteps of Saint Matheus
  4. Saint and Wild

The Naut's Secrets

  1. The Admiral's Secret Service
  2. The Spy from Theleme
  3. Sub Rosa
  4. The Enemy Within

GreedFall: All companions quests


  1. Missing in action
  2. Amongst the Ghosts
  3. Settling the debt


  1. Islander Knowledge
  2. The Cave of Knowledge
  3. The Linking Ritual


  1. Find Queen Bladnid
  2. Promises Set in Stone
  3. The Queen's Farewell


  1. A Name for a Family
  2. Family Reunion
  3. Forever a Naut


  1. The Vices of the Mother Cardinal
  2. Dangerous bets
  3. Sins Of Father Petrus
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