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Hades 2 Guide

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Hades 2: All regions Hades 2 guide, tips

Hades 2 contains more diverse lands than its predecessor. On this page of the guide we have listed all the regions in the game and the paths in which they are located.

Last update: 06 June 2024

Hades 2 is a much larger game than its predecessor, featuring more diverse regions and biomes. The game has two different paths to your goal, which will differ in regions, enemies, bosses, and collected resources. On this page of our guide, we list and discuss all regions of the game from both available paths.

Regions in the underground

The underground is the first, possible path and the one available at the start of the gameplay. Along the way, you'll visit following regions:

  1. Erebus - a dark forest full of lost souls;
  2. Oceanos - a water region filled with environmental traps.
  3. Fields of Mourning - thorny fields characterized by huge chambers;
  4. Tartarus - once the prison of Chronos, now his headquarters.

Regions on the surface

The surface is the second possible path that will be unlocked after some time spent with the game - to unlock it, you need Permeation of Witching-Wards and Unraveling a Fateful Bond incantations, as these are required to be able to survive on the surface path. Along the way, you'll visit following regions:

  1. City of Ephyra - abandoned city destroyed by Chronos' forces;
  2. Rift of Thessaly - the Titan's fleet of ships attacking Olympus.

In the Early Access version, only two surface regions are available. The page will be updated when further regions are added to the game.

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