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Hades 2 Guide

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Hades 2: Tartarus Hades 2 guide, tips

Tartarus is the last land in Hades 2, which is the home of the Titan Chronos. On this page of the guide we have described this region, its unique features, more dangerous enemies and mini-bosses.

Last update: 28 May 2024

Tartarus is the last region of Hades 2. This is the seat of the Titan of Time, Chronos, and the most demanding region of the game. On this page of our guide, we breakdown Tartarus into its layout, unique properties, more dangerous enemies, and mini-bosses.

Properties of Tartarus

Tartarus is the fourth region in the game, accessed from the Fields of Mourning - Hades 2: Tartarus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

Tartarus is the fourth region in the game, accessed from the Fields of Mourning. As befits a final zone, this is the most demanding location in the game, full of dangerous opponents and traps.

Tartarus begins from Chamber 34 and has a completely unique layout - it is the player who decides for how long he will explore the region. To reach its end, the player has to complete chambers marked with roman numerals - V to I. Battles in these chambers do not yield any rewards/loot, but bring you closer to the final boss, which is Chronos. Occasionally, you will also come across doors leading to rewards - unfortunately, these chambers do not bring you closer to the boss, so exploring them extends the time you spend in Tartarus. In return, however, any loot you find will be multiplied - for example, instead of 100 crowns, you get 300, Boons from gods are more powerful, and Poms of Power improve your Boons by 3 levels at once.

This multiplied loot forces the player to take risks. The rewards from optional chambers are immense, but the battles you must fight to get them are demanding and full of enemies. Obtaining these rewards will help you prepare for the fight with Chronos, but suffering severe wounds during attempts may render you completely unable to fight the final boss battle. Try to not to lose any Death Defiances during the journey if possible - every single one will be worth its weight in gold during the battle against Chronos.

There are environmental traps in Tartarus. Among them, you'll encounter pressure plates that release spikes once you step on them as well as guard turrets that fire lasers in a circular motion (you can destroy them, but this requires a lot of damage dealt).

Enemies in Tartarus

As you expect, Tartarus has some of the most challenging enemies in the entire game - Hades 2: Tartarus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

As you expect, Tartarus has some of the most challenging enemies in the entire game. These are:

  1. Numbskulls - purple skulls that attack by charging forward. Very annoying enemies that teleport after being hit. Try to defeat them with area of effect attacks dealing a lot of damage such as Omega cast.
  2. Wretched Thugs - orange shades of high survivability attacking with wide swings of their axes. Their blind point is behind them or you can stay at a distance.
  3. Tempus - levitating hourglasses firing projectiles that assume a spiral trajectory. As they are defeated, they leave a pile of sand that may immobilize you for a moment - make sure to Dash away right after killing them.
  4. Goldwraiths - levitating sacks of gold firing lasers of extended range. Avoid their laser as it is being aimed and try go get close quickly to stagger them.
  5. Satyr Hoplites- satyrs equipped with a sword and shield attacking with forward thrusts. Their shields can block incoming attacks - attack them from behind or when they expose themselves after or before a spear thrust.
  6. Satyr Vierophants - satyr mages wearing tattered robes, attacking with fireballs leaving a fire trail, and summoning Crawlers. Get rid of them as fast as possible so they don't cover the area in fiery trails and summoned rats.
  7. Crawlers - small rats attacking in melee range. They are easy to defeat, but are at the same time hard to locate and quick - protect yourself with a Cast that can immobilize them.

Resources in Tartarus

In Tartarus, you will find following unique resources - Hades 2: Tartarus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

In Tartarus, you will find following unique resources:

  1. Shaderot - green flowers that can be picked without a dedicated tool;
  2. Marble - a material mined with a pickaxe;
  3. Poppy - seeds collected with a shovel and then planted at The Crossroads.

Special chambers in Tartarus

A special meeting in Fields of Mourning (i - Hades 2: Tartarus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

A special meeting in Fields of Mourning (i.e. a unique chamber where the NPC exclusive for the region will provide you with unique bonuses) is Hades. Always make use of the encounter, as Hades will give you a unique Boon that can make the Chronos battle much easier. This could be temporary invulnerability after receiving damage, being healed after landing an attack on the enemy, the ability to fire Casts at a distance, lowering the amount of reinforcements a boss can summon, bonus to damage dealt after every spent Death Defiance, or automatic depriving Chronos of 20% of his health at the beginning of the fight.

Just before entering the hall inhabited by the final boss, you can find Charon's special shop. His stock will also be updated - he will offer 5 items instead of three. In addition to Boons and Poms of Power, he may have on stock a healing item or armor, an anvil (which randomly removes one of your carried Daedalus Hammers and gives 2 random Daedalus Hammers in return), or a valuable item for permanent progression such as Moon Dust. To buy Charon's entire stock, you're going to need around 2,000 crowns.

How to defeat Goldwrath?

Goldwrath is one of the two unique mini-bosses you will encounter in Tartarus - Hades 2: Tartarus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

Goldwrath is one of the two unique mini-bosses you will encounter in Tartarus. He is a stronger variant of a Goldsmith The arena for the fight will have 4 laser turrets - you don't have to necessarily destroy them, as they shouldn't be a problem if you have them under control.

The enemy has two main attacks:

  1. Laser - Goldwrath leans forward and fires a laser. The laser attack is similar to the same one used by Goldsmiths, but the mini-boss spins faster so the attack is harder to avoid. You can run circles around the boss or Dash to get behind him.
  2. Coins - Goldwrath starts levitating and scatters red coins that remain in the arena for a few seconds and damage you if you touch them. Stay away from the boss until the coins disappear - during this time, you can attack him from a distance or destroy one of the turrets.

Remember about the lasers and get away when the boss starts scattering coins, and you should deal with him easily.

How to defeat the Verminancer?

The Verminancer is one of two unique mini-bosses encountered in Tartarus - Hades 2: Tartarus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

The Verminancer is one of two unique mini-bosses encountered in Tartarus. This is a stronger variant of Satyr Vierphant. In the arena, there will be 4 glass columns that can be destroyed with the player and enemy attacks - they leave a large, immobilizing sand dome so watch out when you're fighting close to them.

The enemy has two main attacks:

  1. Fireballs - the satyr raises his hand and sends three fireballs leaving fiery trails. Avoid both the projectiles and fiery trails - you'll be safe e.g. behind the boss.
  2. Reinforcements - satyr rises both his hands and summons a large number of armored Crawlers. Their armor means that you can't stagger them with a single attack - you can try immobilizing them with a Cast.

When fighting Verminancer, remember to prioritise Crawlers once they appear. The longer you're on the battlefield, the bigger the chance you run into them. The fireball attack is easy to avoid, so before you return to targeting Verminancer, remove his aides.

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