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Hades 2 Guide

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Hades 2: Erebus Hades 2 guide, tips

The dark forest of Ereb is the first region you will cross during your expeditions in Hades 2. On this page of the guide we have described what you should watch out for, what unique features Ereb has and what mini-bosses you will encounter there.

Last update: 22 May 2024

Erebus is the starting location in Hades 2. This is where each of your journeys begins, at least until an alternative path is unlocked. As befits a starting area, this is the simplest region in the game, without many unique mechanics. On this page of the guide, we described Erebus, its unique features, notable enemies and mini-bosses.

Features of Erebus

Erebus is the first location in the game, so it has no unique features - Hades 2: Erebus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

Erebus is the first location in the game, so it has no unique features. Its aim is to introduce you to the basic game mechanics and enable you to create the first seed of your build before the next regions, which significantly increase the level of difficulty and introduce unique elements.

Erebus begins in Chamber 1. Chamber 12 is the last empty room before the boss fight. In Chamber 13 you will face the boss of the location, Hecate. Chamber 14 is the passage to the next region of the game, Oceanos. In the region, you will also encounter two mini-bosses, which you can find after passing through the doors marked with a small skull.

In terms of special features, the only one is the presence of trees in the arenas. By attacking trees, you can destroy them, which creates a shockwave on the other side, dealing significant damage to enemies. This encourages you to relocate frequently and helps you learn the recommended play style.

Enemies in Erebus

Opponents in Erebus are also very basic - Hades 2: Erebus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

Opponents in Erebus are also very basic. These are:

  1. Whisperers - flying specters and the most basic enemies in the game. They try to get close to you, then they launch melee attacks all around themselves;
  2. Wastrels - tougher, larger specters that attack with powerful claw swings;
  3. Spindles - tiny specters that stop in place and spin a short-range laser beam around themselves. Their purpose is to occupy the area - but they have very little health, so it's easy to get rid of them once you get close to them;
  4. Wailers - flying specters with split jaws, attacking with a scream that deals damage at a short distance. Probably the most dangerous enemies in Erebus, due to their high speed and aggressiveness. Use your cast to bind them in place or block their path;
  5. Caskets - specters resembling bandaged bugs,shooting bursts of projectiles. Keep an eye on them so you don't get shot by surprise;
  6. Thorn-Weepers - tough, immobile enemies that shoot roots that slowly move along the ground and only disappear when you kill the Thorn-Weeper.

Materials in Erebus

In Erebus, you will collect the following unique materials - Hades 2: Erebus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

In Erebus, you will collect the following unique materials:

  1. Mole - golden flowers picked by hand, without any tools;
  2. Toadstools - mushrooms that appear during rain, picked by hand, without any tools;
  3. Silver - a material mined with a pickaxe;
  4. Nightshade - seeds collected with a spade and then planted at the Crossroads.

Special chambers in Erebus

A special encounter in Erebus (i - Hades 2: Erebus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide

A special encounter in Erebus (i.e. a unique chamber, where an exclusive NPC for a given region will give you unique bonuses) is Arachne, the Silk Weaver. She gives you various dresses that provide a lot of armor points (and therefore protect you from damage) and bonuses that last until you lose all your armor.

Apart from meeting Arachne, you may also come across chambers filled with spider cocoons - this means that Arachne was there and made it easier for you to proceed further. The cocoons are empty, filled with gold, enemies, or a reward for completing the chamber. Destroy them one by one - if an enemy comes out, get rid of him before you start destroying other cocoons.


1 - Hades 2: Erebus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide
  1. The Shadow-Spiller is one of the mini-bosses in Erebus. This is a stationary opponent armed with an organic morning star, who stays in the middle of the arena for the entire fight. The center of the arena around the enemy is covered in shade - when you are outside this area, you cannot see anything that is inside the area and vice versa. The Spiller is always accompanied by two Thorn-Weepers who are on the edge of the arena - get rid of them before focusing on the main enemy.
  2. The opponent has two attacks - a sweeping swing with his weapon in front of him and a strike from above. You can avoid both of these attacks by leaving the shade or executing a dash from the enemy to his other side. As long as you avoid his attacks and don't attack too greedily, you should be able to handle him quite easily.


2 - Hades 2: Erebus - Areas - Hades 2 Guide
  1. Root-Stalker is one of the mini-bosses in Erebus. It is a stationary opponent shooting spikes, armed with a long, sharp root. This root is a separate opponent that moves underground and tries to shoot up from under you - you can get rid of it first to make the fight easier. You can also bind it with a spell to keep it in place for a longer time.
  2. The enemy has three attacks - a claw swing, a root grab and a spike shot. Sprint around the enemy to avoid his shots, while avoiding the area covered with roots. Learning the pattern of this fight should not take you too long.
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