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Spider-Man Game Guide

Spider-Man Game Guide

Who's the greatest enemy of Spider-Man? The Slipper-Man! Spider-Man guide, walkthrough for PS4 will help you discover all secrets of this fantastic game. Learn how to unlock all of Spider-Man's suits, check which skills are the best, and get valuable combat hints with moves list.

Last update: 19 September 2022

This Game Guide and walkthrough to Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) will prepare you to save New York City from all criminals. Our guide is a comprehensive compendium of knowledge, in which each player will find answers to any questions and tips to help you start the game. The guide covers the most important issues, such as the description of side activities in the game, the description of the combat system, or solution for all research missions in the game. The whole is crowned with a very extensive and detailed walkthrough of the main plot, along with a description of side missions. In our solution, you will find combat descriptions of all the bosses in the game - Fisk, Tombstone, Scorpion and the rest of the villains have no chance with you!

First chapters of the Game Guide consist of starting tips and the basics of the game, where we have collected all the necessary advice that will come handy in beginning your spidey-adventure. In this section of our solution you will find out, among other things, how the control system looks like, how to perform benchmarks in the game, and how to develop your character including all available moves list. Another extensive section is combat, where you will find an overview of how to deal with enemy battles, learn how to heal yourself, renew focus. Also, you will find a detailed list of enemies, along with combat tactics on how to deal with them.

Of course, the guide couldn't lack an extensive FAQ section, which answers all the questions of freshly baked superheroes. In this section, we have answered how to finish the game in 100%, whether there is fast travel system in the game, what skills are the best in the game, how to explore the map, and how to get crime tokens.

The core of our guide is a very extensive walkthrough of all the main plot. We have described in detail all the missions in the game. Apart from the campaign, you will also get guidelines for all side missions and optional tasks, such as tasks in Harry Osborn's research stations. We explore the secrets of New York City districts such as Harlem, Greenwich, Chinatown and Midtown - with our guide you'll complete the game 100%.

We've also devoted a lot of space to other stuff, like gadgets, suits and all the improvements available in Spider-Man. Fans of the series will have a real treat - in the game you can unlock the iconic outfits that appeared in the comics. We have also listed the most difficult puzzles and riddles in the game, which are presented in a clear way - if you find a potentially difficult moment in the game, you will easily find a solution.

Spider-Man is a third-person perspective (TPP) action game, which can easily be compared to Batman: Arkham series, especially when it comes to a smooth and effective fight. The combat and duels are one of the main attractions of this production. The hero uses fists, legs, web and environment items to defeat his enemies. He can, for example, grab a bag of sand with his web and hurl it at the opponent, or throw the enemy into the air and glue it to a nearby wall. It is also possible to shoot and set traps, which are useful e.g. in stealth sequences, during which instead of entering into direct conflict, you quietly move along the walls, eliminating further bandits along the way.

The action takes place in New York, so there is no lack of exploration elements in the Spider-Man game. Your hero can easily walk or even run on vertical walls, use the spider web to swing and move faster over longer distances and has many other abilities. The title is very spectacular, not only because of the acrobatic abilities of Spider-Man, but also because of the QTE (Quick Time Event) sequences. During this type of directed scenes you will have an opportunity to watch the craziest actions, which change dynamically by pressing the appropriate buttons at selected moments.

Starting Tips

Before you start playing PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man, it's a good idea to read the following starting tips. They're a great introduction before "dressing up the suit" of the main character and saving New York from doom. Below, you will find out how long is the game, how to unlock the change of game time, or how to efficiently track down further crimes.

  1. Spider Sense and Dodges. While in battle, Peter will feel the threat coming - a bright glow will appear around his head. All you have to do is press the Circle and Spiderman will dodge and avoid injury. After a while, you will be able to unlock perfect dodges - a moment before an enemy attack, the glow will become blue. If you dodge in time, your character will regain a lot of focus and perform a special action such as a web shoot in the enemy's face.
  2. Fast moves of Spider-Man. By controlling Peter, you can press R2 to move faster. Additionally, while holding R2 you will be able to use spider web to hang on surrounding buildings and start swinging.
  3. Crimes. If you think about maxing the game, pay attention to the crimes committed in the streets of the city (they are marked with a red triangle with an exclamation mark) and try to complete them systematically. There are so many of them that once the main plot is completed, tracking further ones can be very time-consuming. The appearance of each crime is accompanied by a police message. It is best to open the map, find a marker and head to the place.
  4. Problems in finding collectibles. If you have a problem with finding a backpack in a place indicated on the map, move away and mark the item with your own marker. Then the game will show you its exact location on the building.
  5. Difficulty levels. When you start the game, you will be able to choose one of three difficulty levels. The default difficulty level offers a pretty decent level of challenge. Also, remember that you can change the difficulty at any time during the game if you have any unforeseen problems with some game elements.
  6. Gadgets. Spider-Man gadgets are hellishly useful, especially in combats that occur in bases. Don't forget to upgrade them systematically during the game. For upgrades you need tokens (as a currency for improvements), which are obtained from side activities. Not all gadgets work on all types of opponents, but some are very versatile, e.g. drones reducing the life of opponents.
  7. Game length. The main plot lasts about 20 hours. After it's over, you can continue the game, complete side quests, or perform any activities you left for later during the main plot.
  8. Challenges. From the point of view of progress in the game, it makes no sense to take challenges from the benchmark screen. The reward in form of experience points is too small to focus on certain activities.
  9. Side activities. There are a lot of side activities in the game - in breaks from the main campaign you can perform side missions, collect Peter's backpacks, do raids on enemies' hideouts, catch pigeons and many others. Activities are marked on the map and you won't have any problem finding them. It's worth doing them in real time, because they offer experience and tokens required to improve suits and gadgets.
  10. Time passage. The game does not offer the option of modifying the time flow during the main campaign, and the hours change with the progress of the plot. Only after the main plot has been completed the time of day may be changed in research stations.
  11. 9 districts and fast travel. The gameplay area has been divided into nine districts, where you will find many activities. After some time, you'll be able to unlock the fast travel option between the police stations, Peter's apartment and F.E.A.S.T. Open the map, select your destination and wait for Spider-Man to reach your destination.
  12. Communication with residents. When you reach street level, Spider-Man can greet New Yorkers - use Square to do so. Occasionally, you can talk to some of them (e.g. they will mention the local criminals base) or have a five with them.
  13. Changing suits. In the game you'll find over 25 Spider-Man suits with different special powers. You can also modify your outfits, e.g. by improving the strength of the blows. In this way, you can create a character to suit for your style of play.
  14. Healing in combat. Pressing the lower arrow on the controller will allow you to restore your missing health. The amount of life restored will be retrieved from the focus bar, which is renewed by fighting, making special moves and swinging on the web.
  15. Podcasts of JJJ. Throughout the game, the Chief of Daily Bugle will comment on Spider-Man's actions, accusing him of collaborating with the villains. Recordings will be played between missions which are humorous - but if they annoy you, you can turn them off in the game options, in the Sound tab.

Basic tips

Before you go to the rescue of the world, stop for a moment and focus on knowing the basics of the game. The following section contains chapters that contain info about the foundations of the game - which doesn't mean that they should be avoided. We've focused on character development so that can you know how your character strengthens over time. Here you can also read about controls, and Spider-Man moves. Also, you'll find tips on how to start the game.

  1. Character development - in this chapter you will read how to develop skills of Spider-Man. Our hero gains more power with subsequent levels, creates new suits, builds cunning gadgets and polishes new battle skills.
  2. Controls - Controlling Spider-Man on PS4 may be tricky and hard sometimes, but in fact only at the beginning of the game. In this chapter, you will recall the layout of the buttons.
  3. Moves List - Spider-Man PS4 has never been so efficient and hasn't used so many blows before. In the game, you can shoot, knock enemies into the air, hurl objects, make finishers, and even tricks in the air. On this page you can read about all possible moves in the game.


A significant part of the Marvel's Spider-Man game is combat. Fortunately, the developers tried to make it very impressive and fun. We have prepared chapters, which describe the combat system in the game and give you a lot of valuable information on how to deal with each skirmish. Following chapters are waiting for you:

  1. How to fight? - Peter Parker is famous for his finesse, which he spills over to combat against other opponents. Your character is a great warrior, but sometimes it's easy to get lost in the plethora of successive button combinations. This step-by-step page discusses the in-game combat system and gives clear answers on how to deal with battle elements.
  2. How to heal? - Spider-Man may get some injuries during combat. What to do in this situation? Read our Heal-Yourself page!
  3. How to get focus? - Spider-Man can accumulate focus during combat, which can be spent on finishers and quick finishing of enemies. But how to gain this valuable resource? Read here!
  4. Types of enemies - The game is full of many different types of opponents. You'll come across villains with whips, brutes, gangsters with firearms, or villains equipped with rocket launchers. In this chapter we have described all enemies, along with advice on how to deal with them.

Suits and gadgets

Peter Parker is a real gadget-man - he constantly thinks of new inventions and how to improve his suit. In the game you will be able to make upgrades many times, creating new modifications or changes in your suit, which will give you a completely new powers. In this section, we've described all the technological wonders that you'll be able to use during your adventure.

  1. List of all suits in the game - In Marvel's Spider-Man you can create over 25(!) unique costumes. Comic book fans should be very satisfied - you can create suits such as Scarlet Spider Suit, Stark Suit, Spider Armor MK Suit, Iron Spider Suit or classic Vintage Suit. Many suits offer unique powers. A list of all suits can be found in this section of our guide.
  2. List of suit modifications - Every suit in the game can receive up to three modifications, which will further strengthen your character. Abilities such as First Aid, Gel Padding, Combat Analyzer, Proximity Sensor and others are described in detail on this page.
  3. Gadgets description - Who would Spider-Man be without his iconic gadgets? In the game you can create an Impact Web, Spider-Drone, Electric Grid, Trip Mine and other inventions that you can use to fight criminals.


Our guide includes an extensive FAQ section where we answered the most frequently asked questions about Marvel's Spider-Man. The following chapters are waiting for you:

  1. How to explore the map? - New York has been divided into 9 districts, which are initially shrouded in fog and you cannot see any side activities on the map. How can you change this issue?
  2. How to upgrade gadgets and Spider-suit? - Some crafting elements play an important role in the game - you can spend base, challenge, crime, research, landmark and backpack tokens on various upgrades.
  3. How to take photos? - Peter Parker once worked in the Daily Bugle as a journalist - his keen on journalism is highlighted in the game. In front of you there are plenty of landmarks where you can take photos!
  4. How to get crime tokens? - New York, despite its splendor, is full of crimes in the game. Spider-Man can actively engage in various accidents and help the police. Look in this chapter to learn more about crime tokens.
  5. How to complete the game in 100%? - Pigeons, backpacks, enemy bases.... how to bite all of those to complete the game in 100%? The following step-by-step chapter guide will discuss what you need to do to see all the content of the game and get a platinum trophy.
  6. Is there a fast travel system? - Although the game perfectly reproduces the way Spider-Man moves, there are moments where time is pressing and we have to get somewhere very quickly. But is there a fast travel system in the game? You can find out about it here!
  7. Can you continue playing after finishing the main plot? - Marvel's Spider-Man has an incredible amount of side content - can you return to it when you finish the main plot? Take a look at this page to find out.
  8. How to uncover uncle Ben's grave? - In order to achieve "With great strength...." you must discover the location of Uncle Ben's grave. The location of the cemetery and tombstone can be found on this page.
  9. Which skills and abilities are the best? - Spider-Man can train himself in a several development trees: Innovator, Defender and Webslinger. Each offers a lot of unique skills - we've tested all of them and selected a set of the best skills that may be handy in making the completion of the game a bit easier.

Side activities and collectibles description

Marvel's Spider-Man has provided players with a set of many optional challenges. In the break from rescuing New York, you can prevent crimes, catch pigeons, do raids on enemy bases, take part in Taskmaster challenges and many, many others. The following are waiting for you:

  1. Backpacks - Peter Parker, during his career as Spider-Man, gathered many valuable items. In addition to useful props, our hero put many sentimental things in backpacks, which he hid all over New York City. After the prologue, the game will teach you how to find and collect them. This way, you'll get your backpack tokens.
  2. Landmarks - New York is full of iconic and cult places. During the break from saving the city, Peter can pull out the camera and photograph various objects. Marvel's Spider-Man offers a treat for those who want to see a thumbnail of the "Big Apple". You will be able to photograph Manhattan Bridge, Washington Square Park or Madison Square Park. Photography will allow you to gain landmark tokens.
  3. Enemy bases - New York is full of hideouts for criminals. You can visit them and defeat all enemies. You'll find Fisk Hideouts, Demon Warehouses, Prisoner Camps and Sable Posts, among others. A successful rally at an enemy base will reward you with base tokens.
  4. Black Cat Riddles - Black Cat is a master of thievery, a woman who loves puzzles and fun in the hide and seek. The woman has left hidden toys in New York City - Peter's job is to find them and finally discover her whereabouts.
  5. Pigeons - Every Super Hero is not afraid of any challenges and... from time to time he has to take on such simple tasks as chasing a pigeon. In Marvel's Spider-Man we come across a side mission "Helping Howard", which will unlock the possibility of tracking and catching missing birds. Research tokens are a reward for such tasks.
  6. Taskmaster's Challenges - The Taskmaster is a clever criminal who has chosen to collect as much data about Spider-Man as possible. To do this, he has prepared challenges for you, which are located all over New York City. You'll get lucrative challenge tokens - which will be very useful in creating new suits or gadgets.
  7. Crimes - In Marvel's Spider-Man, New York is overcrowded with criminals who are planning further crimes. After the game's prologue, you'll have access to a police messages, which will receive reports of further crimes in the area. You can go to the reporting site and take part in a short mission to stop the villains. After a successful intervention, you will gain crime tokens.

Puzzles and minigames

During your adventure you will come across several puzzles. Sometimes you will have to visit the Octavius Laboratory to take part in experiments, and sometimes you will have to set up the statue in the museum correctly. We've collected all the harder logic puzzles in the game - visit the following sections if you're looking for a solution!

  1. Substance testing and power control - In addition to fighting the villains, Peter Parker uses his genius (and spectograph) to solve complex scientific problems. During the game (mainly in Dr. Octavius' laboratory), you will come across two mini-games: substance testing and power control puzzle where you have to setup a circuit scheme. Both puzzles are common during the game - read how to deal with them!
  2. How to set up a statue in the museum? - During the mission "Don't Touch the Art" you will play as Mary Jane Watson. The woman will reach the demon's statue and have to change it's position so it may reveal a new passage. The task may cause some trouble, fortunately, we have solved the riddle. [video guide]
  3. Hidden mechanism in Martin Li office - During the mission "Hidden Agenda" Peter will go to the headquarters of F.E.A.S.T. After some time you will reach Martin Li's office. You will get there to a strange mechanism that clearly blocks access to the hidden room. The key to success is the symbol of Yin and Yang.... find out more in this section! [video guide]
  4. How to disarm a bomb? - During the "The One That Got Away" mission you will lead Mary Jane Watson. MJ will face a real challenge - she will have to disarm a bomb by herself. It's quite a nervous moment in the game. You're finally under time pressure, and one bad move may trigger a huge explosion! [video guide]
  5. Devil's Breath location - During the "Step Into My Parlour..." mission MJ will reach the secret office of Osborn. There, she will find a panel that indicates the location of Devil's Breath. In order to find a secret facility, you have to solve the riddle - we have also provided a quick solution to this mission. [video guide]

Research stations

Harry Osborn had a vision of safe and pollution-free New York City. He transformed his vision into the creation of unique research stations that monitor the city's districts, capturing anomalies. When you reach other sites, you'll start a mission that often matches the length and complexity of side missions. In order to make the navigation easier, we have divided the research station missions according to the regions in which they're located.

  1. Midtown - Special missions available: Chemical Leak, Data Chain, Reboot Times Square and Pigeon Vaccine.
  2. Upper West Side - Special missions available: Spider-Bot and Lightning Rod.
  3. Upper East Side - Just one special mission available: Dive and Dash.
  4. Harlem - Special missions available: Visibly Shaken, Shaking Harlem, Ventilate the Problem.
  5. Greenwich - Special mission available: Hiding in the Crowd.
  6. Hell's Kitchen - Just one special mission available: Vaccinate the Fish.
  7. Chinatown - Special mission available: Under Pressure.
  8. Financial District - Special missions available: Cell Tower Frequency and Bacteria Buddies.


The Spider-Man universe is famous for its well-created villains. It's no different in Marvel's Spider-Man. The game features Peter Parker's iconic enemies who won't retreat from anything to finish our hero. You have to fight several duels with different bosses - we have provided strategies that will help you to quickly defeat all super-villains.

  1. Wilson Fisk - Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk is the head of one of the most powerful gangs in New York City. The villain appears during The Main Event mission. Despite his size, the enemy is quite agile and extremely strong. You have to rely on dodges and deal his support.
  2. Shocker - Dressed in a special suit, the Shocker can create powerful shock waves that repel and destroy everything around. You'll face the enemy during the Financial Shock mission. Swing on the web, avoid shock waves and fund your enemy a shock therapy!
  3. Tombstone - A large, predatory-looking man who doesn't feel pain. Luckily, Peter prepared himself well for the duel and created a substance that weakens the enemy. However, nothing changes the fact that this is a difficult fight - read how to make it easier for yourself.
  4. Vulture and Electro - A duo of super-villains who complement each other quite well. Vulture is fast, experienced and attacks with surprise. Meanwhile, Electro has strong area attacks and strikes Peter from a distance.
  5. Scorpion and Rhino - This time a pair of rogues of incredible physical strength. Rhino is a real destruction machine - everything on his way is destroyed. Meanwhile, the Scorpion likes the sophisticated art of poisoning his victims. Here you'll find tactics how to defeat both enemies.
  6. Mister Negative - Once a respected philanthropist, now possessed by the greed of revenge. The enemy has an Alter Ego that manifests itself in the form of a demon. The fight is not going to be easy, as the boss has a lot of ghosts and specters in form of a support.
  7. Doctor Octopus - The final fight will take place with Doctor Octopus himself. One of the brightest and most intelligent men in the world has gone into the dark side - Peter is now another obstacle for him and has to be removed, cause only then Dr Octopus might take a revenge on Osborn. There's a difficult fight ahead of you - read this chapter and you'll find out how to make it easier!

Main missions walkthrough

The essence of our guide is a very comprehensive walkthrough of all missions in the game. A richly illustrated step-by-step solution will guide you through the whole story told in Marvel's Spider-Man. In the following chapters we have listed the most difficult parts of the game.

NOTE: You can find all missions walkthrough in our Table of Contents (on the left side of our page). If you're using mobile phone, click on the orange button "Table of Contents" at the top.

  1. Clearing the Way - A short mission where you learn basic controls of Spider-Man and have an opportunity to defeat your first enemies.
  2. The Main Event - This time the level of difficulty is raised quite a bit and Spider-Man has to duel his first boss - Fisk "The Kingpin", a gang leader.
  3. My OTHER other job - This time Peter gets back to Otto's laboratory to help him in preparations for a technological showcase.
  4. Keeping the Peace - This mission will introduce you to the side activities available in the game and teach you the basics of map exploration.
  5. Something Old, Something New - It's a short mission - Peter goes to dr Otto laboratories to repair his suit.
  6. Fisk Hideout - Time to take part in a demonstration task, which will present the next side activity of the game - a raid on base of enemies!
  7. Landmarking - This time, you will get to know additional activities that consist in taking photos of well-known places in New York.
  8. For She's a Jolly Good Fellow - Peter has to forget about the life of the superhero and focus on earthly matters. It's time to visit aunt May at her birthday party!
  9. Don't Touch The Art - Time for the first co-op work, between MJ and Peter - the first stealth sequence in the game awaits you. Here you have to set the demon's figure and don't let yourself be caught in the museum.
  10. A Shocking Comeback - Peter has to face a former enemy, Shocker, who escapes through the streets of New York, sowing destruction. You have to chase the villain, swinging on the web over the streets.
  11. The Mask/A Day to Remember - This short task consists in returning to F.E.A.S.T. Talk to Martin Li and visit Dr. Otto.
  12. Harry's Passion Project - In this mission you will become familiar with the research stations and the additional mission types in the game.
  13. Financial Shock - Shocker returns! This time he has a challenge for Peter instead of running away.
  14. Wheels within Wheels - Peter hits the trail of a suspicious warehouse and plans to search it carefully.
  15. Home Sweet Home - After a hard night, Peter decides to rest at home.... unfortunately, he will have to change his plans quickly. You have to recover the things that were thrown away!
  16. Stakeout/Couch Surfing - It's time to explain the next side activity in the game. This time you have to track down the figures left by the Black Cat. The next task described is the "Couch Surfing" mission, where you return to the headquarters of F.E.A.S.T.
  17. Straw, Meet Camel - Peter must save the people of Fisk, who are the victims of a new power in the city - Demon Gang.
  18. And The Award Goes To... - This is a very poignant and dark mission. You will play the role of Miles Morales, the boy sets out to help his father...
  19. Dual Purpose - Peter sets off to one of the demon gang's headquarters.
  20. Hidden Agenda - Peter decides to search Martin Li's office for evidence of his criminal activities.
  21. A Fresh Start - Peter sets off to visit Dr. Otto to see how the scientist is doing without Osborn's support.
  22. Dinner Date - During dinner with Peter, Mary Jane mentions her burglary in the magazine...
  23. Up The Water Spout... - Peter embarks on a search for Charles Standish, who seems to know something about the Devil's Breath.
  24. What's in the box? - this time you will unlock another side activity, which will allow you to gain challenge tokens. Taskmaster challenges await you!
  25. Back to School - Peter goes to the costume ball to find a scientist, at least he can work freely in his costume!
  26. Spider-Hack - Peter must invade the Oscorp building without being noticed - which will not be easy given the number of security measures.
  27. Uninvited - MJ takes matters back into her own hands and tries to invade Sable's heavily guarded base of agents.
  28. Strong Connections - Dr. Otto is working hard on the technological breakthrough, Peter goes to a research facility to check out his progress.
  29. First Day - Miles sets off for the first day of volunteering at F.E.A.S.T. He does not intend to stand in line for half a day - he chooses a shortcut...
  30. Collision Course - Martin Li, with the help of an armored convoy, decides to capture the murderous poison - Peter must once again foil his plans.
  31. The One That Got Away - MJ gets to an exhibition that is attacked by Martin Li's people. It's time for Peter and MJ to collaborate. Will they manage to disarm the bomb?
  32. Breakthrough/Reflection - Peter makes up for the contact with Dr. Octavius and Aunt May, unfortunately, everything seems to indicate that something bad is about to happen...
  33. Quarantine... - The attack on the prison starts a very bad course of events - Peter doesn't know that it's going to be one of the worst days in his life.
  34. ... into the fire - Painful Peter sets off to help the city, which was captured by criminals.
  35. Picking Up the Trail - Peter has to face the first duo of super villains - Vulture and Electro.
  36. Streets of Poison - Peter is a victim of poison, which plays tricks on his senses. A great sting and a sea of poison? This is something brand new!
  37. Supply Run - This time the main violin is played by Miles, who decides to get valuable supplies on his own.
  38. Heavy Hitter - It's time to take revenge on Rhino and the Scorpio - the fight against two bosses awaits you.
  39. Step Into My Parlour - Before you is the last, longest and heaviest stealth sequence in the game so far. MJ plans to break into Osborn's apartment.
  40. The Heart of the Matter - You are approaching the end of the game - you have to reach the Mister Negative and face him for the last time.
  41. Pax in Bello - On the following page you will find a description of the last mission of the main storyline "Pax in Bello" in Marvel's Spider-Man. It's time to finally confront Dr. Octopus. Once friends, now great enemies - will Peter be able to win with Otto?

Side missions walkthrough

In addition to the main plot, Spider-Man can patrol New York and take part in additional missions. Many of them will reward you with a valuable experience - some of them are quite unique, for example, you can take part in a unique fight against an additional boss, or have fun in the Snipe Hunt. The following side tasks await you in the game:

  1. Helping Howard
  2. The Network is Down
  3. Spider-Man. P.I.
  4. Storming the Castle
  5. Spider-Men
  6. Internet Famous
  7. Tombstone: On the Move
  8. Tombstone: What's He Building in There...
  9. Tombstone: Let's Get Ready to...
  10. Cat's Cradle
  11. College Buddies
  12. Snipe Hunt
  13. Tick Tock
  14. Over his head
  15. A Matter of Debate
  16. Home Team Advantage
  17. Error: File Not Found

About Spider-Man Game Guide

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Spider-Man Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Insomniac Games
  • publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PS4

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