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News video games 18 October 2020, 23:06

author: Musiol

A Year of Survival Mode in Minecraft Documented

What can you do in a year? Build an impressive world in Minecraft, document progress and serve your creation to the community.

  1. Minecraft is a cornerstone, on which impressive structures can be built.
  2. One player has created an impressive world from scratch in Survival mode.

What can be built in Minecraft with plenty of free time? A gigantic, impressive city and adjacent area. All of this was created from scratch in Survival Mode, across just over a year of free time.

Cryptozoologyy, the author of the created world, boasted of his work on Reddit, showing a bird's eye view of the map of his world, beginning in September 2019. The following pictures show the progress he made over the next several months. He documented the final effect of his work on YouTube, available below.

The effect was achieved primarily by disabling opponents' activity in the game options. To create an impressive world in Survival mode there is simply no other option. Otherwise, Creepers would very quickly destroy the author's efforts.

If you like the world created by the user, you can download and use it in your game. The whole thing takes 357 MB.

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