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News video games 18 December 2023, 15:16

Actor James McCaffrey, Known as the Voice of Max Payne, Passed Away

James McCaffrey, the actor who lent his voice to Max Payne and Alex Casey from Alan Wake 2, has passed away.

Source: Rockstar Games.

American actor Kevin Dillon - known for his roles in such movies as Platoon, True Crime or Crew - informed on Instagram about the death of his friend, James McCaffrey. McCaffrey lent his voice to Max Payne in all three games in the series - and in the third one he was also his face.

Actor James McCaffrey, Known as the Voice of Max Payne, Passed Away - picture #1
Source: Instagram / kevindillonofficial.

The last game, in which we had the opportunity to hear the actor, was Alan Wake 2. He played Alex Casey (while his face was provided by Sam Lake, creative director of Remedy Entertainment).

The actor passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 65. It should be added that initially Kevin Dillon's entry caused a bit of confusion - because for a moment it seemed that there was a mistake due to the death of a teenager from Ireland with a very similar name. In the end it turned out however, that both McCaffrey and the boy in question had passed away.

Dillon's fans offer their condolences to the actor, while expressing their grief over McCaffrey's death - both on Instagram and on Reddit. Some words were also left by Matt Dillon, the brother of the actor in question, who works in the same profession (among others The House That Jack Built and Million Dollar Baby). "Pure class," he wrote of the deceased.

Actor James McCaffrey, Known as the Voice of Max Payne, Passed Away - picture #2
Source: Instagram / mattdillon.

Below you can see a video released by Remedy Entertainment two years ago - on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Max Payne, where James McCaffrey recalls the iconic role along with Sam Lake.

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