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News video games 02 February 2024, 04:57

author: Marcin Przala

Alan Wake 2 Received Two Important Features in Major Update. Players Have Been Asking for Them

Alan Wake 2 has received its first update this year, adding two highly anticipated features. One of them will primarily please collectors and „trophy hunters”.

Source: Remedy Entertainment.

Alan Wake 2, which was a hit last fall and won many awards at The Game Awards 2023, has received update 1.15. Two highly anticipated features were included in the update to the game done by Remedy studio, along with numerous fixes.

One of the new features allows players to replay a chosen chapter of the story from the main menu, as long as it has been unlocked in the storyline. Trophy hunters will especially appreciate this novelty. The equipment available during the game after manually selecting the chapter is strictly determined by the devs and varies depending on the specific stage.

The second feature, equally desirable, allows for reducing the intensity of audiovisual flashes in the game options, which serve as so-called jump scares.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the game has received a multitude of subtle improvements and fixes. Here are the most important ones:

  • the issue in New Game+ has been fixed, which previously prevented players from completing/opening all the required cult stashes if they already had Saga's crossbow in their inventory;
  • the glitch that prevented the player from collecting all the clues around Nightgale's body has been fixed;
  • the bugs related to the Meta Case clues have been repaired;
  • the bug that caused the player to get stuck in Norman's room in the nursing home in Bright Falls has been fixed;
  • the interface layout has been improved;
  • the audio quality for crouching footsteps was improved;
  • "general visual polish" has been implemented;
  • you can now adjust the FoV (field of view) in the user interface (only on PC);
  • fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash (XSX/S only);
  • the use of memory by textures has been slightly optimized.

The list of fixes is of course much longer. For more details, visit the official address available here.

Just to remind you, Alan Wake 2 was released on October 27, 2023. The game of Remedy studio was released on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

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Marcin Przała

Marcin Przała

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