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Animal Well - Clock Mystery Explained

Have you reached the mysterious clock in Animal Well, however, do not know how to open the doors? In our guide we explain how it works.

Source: Animal Well, developer: Billy Basso

Animal Well is a metroidvania, in which the main features of the game are platform elements and logic puzzles. In addition, exploration of the world and finding various skills, objects or items play an important role. One such thing is a mysterious clock, many players are not quite sure what it does. Fortunately, some dedicated fans have discovered what it can be used for.

What the Clock is for in Animal Well?

In Animal Well, players explore a wide variety of locations, while encountering objects whose use may not be clear at first. One of them is the mystery clock. It contains 3 doors; however, few people really know how to open them and what is hidden behind them.

Fortunately, some fans of the game have discovered that it is actually one of the speedrun tools. If you are observant, you may spot numbers on the doors: 90, 300 and 30. They mark the time (in minutes) in which you must reach the big clock for the door to be opened. In addition, this is not the only timer, as there is another clock outside the well, which is linked to the secret ending. Some Animal Well fans are already sharing their speedruns to help others reach the mysterious clock in the shortest possible time.

There is an option in Animal Well that will allow you to check and control the remaining time. First, however, you must obtain a stopwatch, which you can get after defeating Manticore and capturing the Squirrel. However, this item is not necessary to open the doors.

As for the rewards, if you are quick enough, you can get the following figures:

  1. 30 minutes – Cat Figurine,
  2. 90 minutes – Figurine,
  3. 5 hours – Owl Figurine.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

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