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News guides 10 May 2024, 07:12

author: Agnes Adamus

Animal Well - Xbox Relese Explained

Animal Well is recently released mix of puzzle game and platformer. Now, the game is available on PC, PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles. From this guide you will find out if the game will come to Xbox.

Source: Animal Well, developer: Billy Basso

Animal Well is another indie hit. In this combination of puzzle game and platformer, we take on the role of a round creature that travels through a world full of enemies. This created by just one man title has received an incredibly warm reception – the average rating on Metacritic is 91%. At this point, the game is available on PC, PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles. From our guide you will find out if the title will come to Xbox.

Animal Well – Xbox Release Explained

As we have mentioned earlier, Animal Well isn’t available on Xbox at this moment. Many gamers have begun to wonder why this is the only major console excluded from the list and whether this title will ever be released on the device from Microsoft. Luckily, this mystery was solved by the developer himself.

We can find some information on the official Discord server. Billy Basso, who is responsible for the development of the game, created a post there. He informed that the lack of an Xbox version is due to the fact that he did all the console ports himself. As a result, he ran out of time.

Perhaps eventually! I'm still doing all the ports myself and not doing Xbox was just a matter having enough time at this point

This means that there is a chance that we will see the Xbox port. Probably, we will learn more on this subject in the future, when the creator decides that the released ports are stable and do not require any tweaks and fixes. However, this isn’t certain. So, you have to wait for further announcements from the developer.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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Animal Well

Animal Well