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News video games 11 March 2019, 14:13

author: Bart Swiatek

Anthem Players Want Their Bug Back

A bug in Anthem has made acquiring top-class – legendary and masterwork - gear easier. The bug has been fixed, everything's fine, right? No, because the community wants it back - according to many players the bug actually made the game better.

Anthem Players Want Their Bug Back - picture #1
A bug made Anthem a better game?


  1. Due to a bug, it was much easier to acquire the best equipment in Anthem;
  2. Players assumed the bug to be a deliberate action to improve gameplay, but it was quickly fixed;
  3. The game's community protests and demands the restoration of the bug.

Since its launch in mid-February, Anthem, a science fiction looter shooter by BioWare, has encuntered considerable problems and has been the subject of various criticisms. Some of them relate to loot drops and equipment design in general. According to many players, the equipment falling out of the enemies is badly designed and uninteresting, which is a critical flaw for a "looter shooter".

The developers are aware of the problem and take action to eliminate it - but their actions are not always accepted by the community. Shortly before the release of the last major patch (which hit the servers on March 9), some players noted that they were much more likely to get legendary and masterwork items. Although BioWare did not confirm this change in any way and it was not officially part of the planned updates, most users were happy to come to the conclusion that the studio quietly admitted that the community was right and from now on it would be easier to get the strongest gear. Unfortunately, soon afterward it turned out that it was only a bug, which was repaired very quickly.

Players did not take kindly to the developer's decision - in a Reddit section dedicated to Anthem there were numerous jokes and more or less civilized requests, or even demands, for restoring the status quo. Some even propose a kind of protest. Responding to the situation, Chad Robertson of BioWare - responsible for network services - admitted that the inventory system is still far from ideal. Further modifications are planned for the coming months.

Anthem Players Want Their Bug Back - picture #2
That's not a sight you will see often.

On the one hand, the annoyance of the players is understandable. Being able to improve the appearance and effectiveness of your Javelin is essential - it's the make or break for the game in a situation when people make the call whether they want to spend countless hours in Anthem or whether the game will bore them after a few days. On the other hand.... a simple increase in the frequency of drops for the most powerful items is probably not the optimal solution and could ultimately have exactly the same effect as no change.

Anthem is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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