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News video games 19 December 2023, 05:59

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Anthem Almost Met EA's Sales Expectations; 5 Million Buyers

Although eventually Anthem, the cooperative TPP shooter with an MMO elements, was a failure, in the end the game managed to find as many as 5 million buyers.

Source: Electronic Arts

Perhaps many of you still remember the year 2019 and the suprising release of Anthem. The cooperative shooter with RPG and MMO elements from BioWare, which had high hopes, debuted in a lamentable condition. Numerous defects resulted in a massive outflow of players and this ultimately led to the abandonment of plans to release Anthem Next, an update that was supposed to give the game a second life.

Interestingly, despite the fate that befell Anthem, the game managed to find a sizable number of buyers. At least, that's according to the information posted on LinkedIn by former Electronic Arts employee Alexandre Scriabine.

The developer, who served as a senior manager for global marketing strategy at EA, shared information about the most popular games he was involved in releasing. Among them were Apex Legends, the Star Wars series, Battlefield 1 and the aforementioned Anthem.

It turns out that the last of the titles has sold 5 million copies since its release (2 million units were purchased within the first week). This, on the other hand, as noted by industry insider nicknamed Timur222, means almost meeting EA's sales expectations of 6 million copies sold.

Of course, this was largely helped by various price reductions and sales of Anthem. Although now in the Xbox Store the game can be purchased for just... $1. The revenue generated from sales, despite reaching the ceiling of 5 million units, certainly couldn't be satisfying for EA.

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