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News guides 27 October 2023, 01:15

ARK Survival Ascended Is Crashing and Showing Fatal Error (Explained)

ARK Surivival Ascended debuted in Early Access on Steam, yet not without problems. If your game crashes and shows fatal error messages, we have information that may explain why that happens.

Source: ARK: Survival Ascended, Developer: Studio Wildcard

It’s been 8 years since ARK Survival Evolved entered Early Access program on Steam. The game has built its fanbase that is still active. As it has become dated, especially when it comes to graphical aspect, the developers decided to refresh it by releasing (though still in Early Access) ARK Survival Ascended, which is basically a remaster of the previous creation of Studio Wildcard. The engine got updated from Unreal Engine 4 to its latest, 5th generation. This itself might have caused problems with the title’s stability as many players experience crashes and screens showing fatal error messages. If you’re also affected by this, here you will learn more.

Crashes and Fatal Errors in ARK Survival Ascended explained

Unreal Engine 5 is relatively recent technology that many developers still learn how to use and optimise. ARK Survival Ascended is not the first title that supposedly suffers from switch to UE5. The case of ARK can be multi-layered though, as there are issues with both, the game itself as well as server failures.

As the latter can be caused by many people trying the game out (with all-time peak of almost 60,000 players at the moment of writing), the first issue seems to point out the poor technological state of the game.

There are many fans who share their potential resolutions on ARK’s Steam Community forum, though neither of them works reliably. Besides obvious pieces of advice like updating your drivers, players go above and beyond to find anything that will mitigate the problem, yet their efforts are futile for now.

It is worth keeping in mind that the game is still in Early Access, just as its predecessor initially was, which means that there are many problems with it to be expected. That can also bring hope that the creators from Studio Wildcard will do their best to address the issues with their game as soon as possible. The best thing to do currently is to wait for official game patches.

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