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News video games 24 January 2024, 00:26

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Avowed Without Stiff Class Division. See New RPG's Gameplay Discussion

The developers of Avowed were guests on the official Xbox podcast, during which they discussed gameplay and provided new information on abilities and companions, among other things.

Source: Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft.

The release of the new RPG from Obsidian Entertainment is still a matter of months. As a consolation, the developers of Avowed have released a long material discussing the gameplay in this production. It is a part of a "bonus" episode of the official Xbox podcast, and you can view it on YouTube.

The material lasts 25 minutes, but not all of it is gameplay footage. Yes, fragments from the game are shown here and there, but they are interwoven with statements by the creators: Avowed director Carrie Patel and gameplay director Gabe Paramo. Thanks to this (and the accompanying article ), we learned a little more about the game. You can find the transcript of the video on the official Xbox website.

You already may know some of the information mentioned during the podcast from previously published videos (or after reading our impressions of the Avowed presentation). The new material confirmed that the class system will be fluid. The player will have considerable freedom in choosing their character's skills, and the game will allow for easy resetting of them.

It was also mentioned in passing that the heroes will finally learn to swim, the companions will be "strongly connected" with their native regions (read: the ruling parties in them), and the elemental system will allow you to affect both enemies and selected environmental elements (for example, pathways from frozen water will allow us to access inaccessible places). Of course, the game will not lack dialogue options and the consequences that result from them - whether for individual NPCs or their entire communities.

Avowed will be released in the fall on personal computers and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The game will be immediately available on Xbox Game Pass.

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  1. After the Avowed presentation, I'm wondering if Obsidian even knows what they're doing.

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