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The Last of Us 3 Will be Made if Naughty Dog Comes Up With Good Story

Michal Ciezadlik, 26 January 2023, 17:33

A recent interview with the director of The Last of Us games may have caught the attention of fans. It shows that the third part of the series may be made, but not forcefully.

New Forza Motorsport Poorer Than FM7 on Launch and Most Likely Delayed

Christopher Mysiak, 26 January 2023, 16:23

Yesterday's Developer_Direct show didn't go the way fans of the Forza Motorsport series wanted. There was very little gameplay of FM8, instead of the expected release date we got a suggestion of a delay, and on top of that it turned out that the game will be quite poor in content at launch.

Returnal PC Release Date and Full System Requirements

Agnes Adamus, 18 January 2023, 22:24

We have learned the release date of Returnal on PC. The title will launch very soon. At the same time, updated system requirements for the game have appeared online.

Elden Ring's Narrative Inspires The Last of Us 2 Director; Will Influence New Games

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 11 January 2023, 12:34

Naughty Dog's next productions may bet on a narrative similar to that of Elden Ring, with a limited number of classic cutscenes. Neil Druckmann expressed his feelings about the changing ways of storytelling in video games.

The Last of Us Devs Avoid Stress by Abandoning Early Game Announcements

Kamil Kleszyk, 10 January 2023, 12:48

Lately, it has been almost impossible to find official details about Naughty Dog's upcoming projects. Neil Druckmann revealed why the studio is not announcing extensive plans for the future.

Sony's Tough Luck; Early Build of Horizon Forbidden West Leaked

Adrian Werner, 01 January 2023, 22:57

An alpha version of Horizon Forbidden West has surfaced online. This is one of many leaks of this type that have taken place in the last few days.

Microsoft Digs Up Dirt - Sony Blocks Release of Several Xbox Games

Kamil Kleszyk, 23 December 2022, 17:49

From Microsoft's latest report, we learn that Sony was set to block the release of several major Xbox titles. Among them are Final Fantasy VII Remake and Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Gran Turismo 7 Not on PC After All? Series Creator Speaks Out

Jakub Tarchala, 23 December 2022, 12:49

In a recent interview for Dengeki Online, the GT series producer Kazunori Yamauchi, denied reports that the studio is working on a Gran Turismo 7 port for PC. However, the chances of the series appearing on PC are not zero.

GoW Ragnarok's Highly Anticipated Game Mode Coming in Spring

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 23 December 2022, 11:53

God of War: Ragnarok will receive the highly anticipated New Game Plus mode. Unfortunately, it will not be available this year or even in the first weeks of next year.

Gran Turismo Remains a Powerhouse; Impressive Sales Results

Hubert Sledziewski, 23 December 2022, 11:33

Despite the fact that gamers were quite critical of its latest installment, the Gran Turismo series is still a powerhouse. Polyphony Digital has reported new sales figures.

New Horizon Confirmed to Get Co-op

Jacob Blazewicz, 16 December 2022, 22:07

Guerrilla Games is finally officially getting down to work on the online installment of the Horizon series, which will enable us to face wild machines together with friends.

Sony Confirms Marvel's Spider-Man 2's PS5 Release Date

Hubert Sledziewski, 15 December 2022, 22:51

The release date for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which got accidentally revealed by one of the screenwriters yesterday, has been officially confirmed by Sony.

Approximate Release Date of Spider-Man 2 for PS5 Leaked by Dev

Agnes Adamus, 15 December 2022, 12:33

The release date for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has surfaced online. All thanks to one of the screenwriters.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 With Good Chances of Bigger Showcase

Kamil Kleszyk, 12 December 2022, 14:27

If the latest rumors are reflected in reality, we should soon receive the first bigger presentation of Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Sony Follows Cyberpunk; Horizon Forbidden West DLC Not for PS4

Hubert Sledziewski, 09 December 2022, 23:35

Guerrilla Games has confirmed that the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West will be released exclusively on PS5. The developer explained the reasons for this decision, while revealing a lot of information about the expansion.

Horizon: Forbidden West - Burning Shores Takes Us to Los Angeles

Hubert Sledziewski, 09 December 2022, 06:54

At the end of The Game Awards 2022, we saw the announcement of Horizon: Forbidden West - Burning Shores, the DLC for Guerrilla Games' latest game.

The Last of Us Remake PC Release Date

Sonia Selerska, 09 December 2022, 06:38

In addition to new games, The Game Awards 2022 gala is a place for developers to announce the future of existing titles. Naughty Dog used this opportunity to announce when the remake of The Last of Us will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive.

Returnal PC Now Official and Coming 'Soon'

Hubert Sledziewski, 09 December 2022, 06:10

Returnal is officially heading to PC - during the show preceding The Game Awards 2022 gala, rumors circulating online for several months were confirmed.

Days Gone Director Blames Game's Poor Reception on Woke Reviewers

Michal Ciezadlik, 08 December 2022, 19:02

It's been a while since the release of Days Gone, but the game's director, John Garvin, still can't get over the lukewarm reception of his creation. This time he blamed it on... the wokeness of reviewers.

God of War: Ragnarok Patch Fixed a Minor but Important Problem

Hubert Sledziewski, 06 December 2022, 12:28

The new patch for God of War: Ragnarok is not just the photo mode. It's also dozens of minor changes dictated by player complaints. One fix in particular should please the fans.

Photo Mode in GoW: Ragnarok Now Available

Wiktor Szczesny, 06 December 2022, 12:12

God of War Ragnarok has received a new update. A number of improvements have been made to the game, but the most important new feature seems to be the anticipated photo mode.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - Not as Bad as People Say?

Aleksandra Wolna, 01 December 2022, 16:44

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet achieved amazing sales results and simultaneously disappointed millions of players who are pointing out the game's shortcomings. Is this game actually that bad?

Nintendo Apologizes for Pokémon Game Condition and Promises Fixes

Jacob Blazewicz, 01 December 2022, 14:20

Nintendo has finally addressed the performance issues in Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet. The games will soon receive a new update, and more fixes are on the way.

Starfield Will be Better Because It's Not Coming to PS5, Says Todd Howard

Adrian Werner, 30 November 2022, 14:27

Todd Howard from Bethesda gave an interview in which he revealed new facts about Starfield.

Gran Turismo 7 Devs Consider PC Port

Adrian Werner, 27 November 2022, 20:43

Polyphony Digital's head has admitted that the team is considering porting Gran Turismo 7 to PC.

Nintendo Won't Patch New Pokémon Game Because it Hasn't Heard of Any Problems

Kamil Kleszyk, 27 November 2022, 19:35

It is possible that those complaining about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's lack of polish will continue to face numerous glitches. Apparently, Nintendo is not carrying out any repairs because it... has not received reports of problems with the games.

Number of Players Who Completed God of War Ragnarok is Already Impressive

Kamil Kleszyk, 25 November 2022, 18:02

Two weeks after the release of God of War: Ragnarok, Sony's game has been completed on both generations of consoles by quite a large group of players. The result is good, especially considering the amount of work to be done during in the game.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Exclusively for PC and Xbox? Microsoft Renews Suggestion

Adam Adamczyk, 25 November 2022, 14:14

The Elder Scrolls 6 will come exclusively to PC and Xbox? That's apparently what Microsoft wants. Starfield could start a trend.

New Pokemon Games Set Records [UPDATE: Players Fight for Refunds]

Sonia Selerska, 24 November 2022, 14:23

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have broken the series record. Gamers don't care about technical problems and reviewer opinions - they buy the games like there's no tomorrow.

God of War Ragnarok is Concluded, Don't Expect DLCs

Krzysiek Kalwasinski, 22 November 2022, 22:19

When asked about a possible story expansion, the creator of God of War Ragnarok said we shouldn't expecy anything. The story told in the game is complete.

Gamers Skipped Reviews; New Pokemon Games Break Preorder Records

Adrian Werner, 20 November 2022, 12:44

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have broken preorder records for the series. We also learned the sales results for the entire series.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Launches on PC

Kamil Kleszyk, 18 November 2022, 15:19

A few months after the debut of Marvel's Spider-Man on PC, the spin-off starring Miles Morales is joining the platform. As the occasion calls, we have gathered the most important information related to the release of the PC version of the game.

GoW Ragnarok Devs Have a Vague Idea of What They're Up to Next

Agnes Adamus, 17 November 2022, 12:47

Developers from Santa Monica Studio have revealed the team's future plans. Their statements, however, lack any details.

God of War Ragnarok Collector's Edition Lacks Game Code; Sony Fails Again

Michal Ciezadlik, 10 November 2022, 16:41

Players report that some of the collector's edition bundles of God of War: Ragnarok are missing the most important element - the game itself!

God of War Ragnarok as Example of Accessibility Features

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 November 2022, 15:40

God of War Ragnarok was supposed to be as accessible as The Last of Us: Part I. The developers have kept their word and hope to set an example for the entire game industry.

Check Out Interactive Maps for God of War Ragnarok

Kamil Kleszyk, 10 November 2022, 11:37

God of War Ragnarok has debuted on the market. On this occasion, we have prepared interactive maps with a lot of useful information for our readers.

Horizon Forbidden West Like Guild Wars and Lineage is Possible

Adam Adamczyk, 09 November 2022, 14:00

Online Horizon is not a pipe dream. There are many indications that Sony has teamed up with NCSoft, creator of Lineage and publisher of Guild Wars.

God of War Ragnarok Launch - Essential Info

Adrian Werner, 09 November 2022, 12:55

God of War: Ragnarok¸ one of the most anticipated releases of the year, has debuted on the market.

GoW Ragnarok Expects Big Launch Update; Looks Great on PS4 Pro

Kamil Kleszyk, 08 November 2022, 15:36

Along with tomorrow's release of the latest installment of God of War, Santa Monica Studio will provide players with an update to Ragnarok that is to include a number of fixes. We also know how the game will perform on last-gen consoles.

God of War Ragnarok Reviewer Threatened With Death

Kamil Kleszyk, 08 November 2022, 11:34

God of War Ragnarok is collecting fantastic reviews from industry experts. A critic from South Korea decided to break out of this group. The game's low score did not please fans of the series, who are now threatening him with death.

Final Fantasy XVI 95% Complete [UPDATE: PS5 Exclusive]

Kamil Kleszyk, 07 November 2022, 21:22

Hiroshi Takai - one of the creators of Final Fantasy XVI - has some very good news for fans of the series. The game is already about 95% complete. In addition, we should soon learn the release date of the latest installment of the iconic series.

God of War Series Appreciated by Critics; Outstanding Reviews

Jacob Blazewicz, 04 November 2022, 16:28

God of War Ragnarok continues the tradition of the series, which has delighted gamers and reviewers for 17 years.

God of War Ragnarok First Reviews

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 04 November 2022, 13:07

There are still a few days left until the release of God of War: Ragnarok, and reviews have begun to appear online. The game is a very strong candidate for game of the year.

God of War Ragnarok With HDMI 2.1 Support; Graphic Modes in Detail

Jakub Tarchala, 03 November 2022, 15:15

Sony has unveiled all of God of War: Ragnarok's graphics modes available on PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5. The right HDMI cable will make a tremendous difference.

Phil Spencer Agrees: Microsoft Lacks Games

Agnes Adamus, 03 November 2022, 11:52

Phil Spencer admitted that he realizes the lack of big Xbox launches in 2022. At the same time, he announced that next year will be much better.

God of War With Great Sales; High Bar to Clear for Ragnarok

Wiktor Szczesny, 02 November 2022, 13:11

Despite the passing years, God of War, released in 2018, is still selling well today. Since its debut, the game has moved 23 million units. Will God of War Ragnarok manage to repeat this exceptional result?

God of War Ragnarok Smaller Than Feared

Hubert Sledziewski, 01 November 2022, 18:06

The pre-loads of God of War: Ragnarok will launch tomorrow. It looks like the game will take up slightly less space on disk than suggested so far.

Sony's Latest PC Port a Failure? Low Interest Among Gamers

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 01 November 2022, 16:45

Sackboy's big adventure failed to attract PC owners. The game seems to be the biggest failure among Sony ports.

God of War Ragnarok Leak Enraged Developers; Retailers Taking Flak

Kamil Kleszyk, 31 October 2022, 13:15

For the past few days, all sorts of spoilers related to God of War Ragnarok have been making rounds on the web. It's all due to retailers who started sending the game to customers long before the official release. The practice angered the developers.

God of War Ragnarok Completionist Run May Take up to 100 Hours

Kamil Kleszyk, 30 October 2022, 19:59

The next installment of the adventures of Kratos and Atreus is approaching. Therefore, it is worth thinking about reserving free time to play the game. According to the latest reports, we will need an extended vacation.