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News video games 07 August 2018, 13:50

author: Mathias Zulpo

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta overpowered armor "isn't that" overpowered, according to Treyarch

An armor soaking up bullets like a sponge, which made its way to Black Ops 4 beta and caused an uproar among players, is most likely being nerfed. But devs at Treyarch haven't uttered their last word yet.

A single bullet is worth a thousand posts. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was live last weekend on PS4, and left some players dissatisfied – to put It lightly – with one of its big features: the body armor. For many, the armor was terribly unbalanced, as it soaked up bullets like a sponge.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta overpowered armor isnt that overpowered, according to Treyarch - picture #1
You’re gonna need more bullets.

Now that they voiced their opinions, Treyarch promises to look into the issue and possibly fix it this weekend. They don’t, however, consider the problem as indefensible as many players paint it, and their official note regarding the matter on reddit reads:

We definitely hear the feedback and are monitoring this issue closely. We’re also working on some Armor-specific updates that you can expect for the update on weekend 2. I just wanted to clarify a point of information that you stated about Armor requiring “3-5” bullets extra. Currently Armor only increases hits to kill by a single bullet. The only exception to this is farthest-range SMG damage, which at the longest ranges may take up to 2 extra bullets to kill. But those are somewhat rare. In the vast majority of cases it only soaks up 1 hits-to-kill worth, and it does not protect against headshots at all. Also, that 1 bullet worth of protection does not regenerate once depleted, which is a major differentiator from past mechanics such as Juggernaut.

PC and Xbox ONE players will be able to test Black Ops 4 this weekend, August 10 through August 13. If you want to check out if the overpowered body armor has been nerfed, drop by.

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