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News video games 07 August 2018, 11:05

author: Maiman

Fallout 76 is not coming to Steam, Bethesda confirms

Fallout 76 is not making it to Steam, Bethesda said in an official statement. Valve's platform will be replaced by the developer's own launcher. This applies both to the BETA, and the full game.

Fallout 76 is not coming to Steam, Bethesda confirms - picture #1
Get on your Pip-Boy today!

After some speculation, it is official – Fallout 76 is not coming to Steam. This applies to both the BETA, launching this October, and the game itself. According to Bethesda, players will only be able to launch Fallout 76 through

This comes as no surprise. The Steam logo was absent from Fallout 76 official website from the very beginning. Moreover, Bethesda justifies their decision by saying that players can keep their progress from the BETA and transfer it to the full game when it launches on November 14. Apparently, this requires an independent piece of software to be pulled off. Or does it?

Fallout 76 is not coming to Steam, Bethesda confirms - picture #2
The future is now, old Steam-man.

In fact, Bethesda’s statement is too vague to be sure. Maybe Fallout 76 is coming to Steam after all – it just won’t be there for the release and a few weeks or months following it. That would bear much resemblance to what happened to Fallout Shelter. After its release in June 2016, it remained a “ exclusive” for almost a year, eventually hitting Steam in May 2017.

Will this be the case with Fallout 76, too? As always, time will show. Until then all one can do is to wait for November 14 – and hope that Bethesda’s most ambitious project won’t miss the gaming’s most popular platform.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76

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