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News video games 11 April 2024, 05:13

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Charming Game Based on Inuit's Beliefs Will Receive Sequel More Than Decade After Its Release

A sequel to the highly rated platform game Never Alone has been announced. The second installment will also be playable with a friend.

Source: Humble Games / E-Line Media

During today's showcase of The Triple-i Initiative, many independent games were announced. One of them is Never Alone 2, a sequel to the 2014 platformer that was very well received by players (Never Alone received over 5,000 reviews on Steam, 81% of which are positive).

Below you will see the first short trailer of the game, which doesn't contain gameplay fragments, but impresses with its slightly cartoonish graphics.

People who are familiar with the first installment won't be surprised to see a "new version" of Nuna and the Arctic fox's story in Never Alone 2. The game will be based on the Inuit people's beliefs passed down from generation to generation and will include supernatural themes.

Together you will work to navigate these wilds, forge connections with the spirits, and experience how the Alaska Native people have survived and thrived for over 10,000 years in one of the harshest and most breathtaking parts of the world.

It can be inferred from the first screenshots and information provided by the developers that Never Alone 2 will be a 3D platformer allowing free movement in all directions. This is a big change from the first installment, as it offered a 2D view, so we could only direct the characters to the left or right.

The gameplay details haven't been disclosed yet, but it is likely to involve solving logical puzzles and good cooperation between the protagonists. Similarly to the first installment, Never Alone 2 will offer a local co-op mode, in which one person will play as Nuna, and the other will guide her companion, the polar fox. Furthermore, you'll have the option to play with a friend over the internet. If we decide to play by ourselves, we will need to take turns controlling the girl and the furry creature.

Unfortunately, we don't know when Never Alone 2 will be released. But, it will be available on Steam.

Never Alone

Never Alone