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News video games 22 November 2023, 05:24

author: Adrian Werner

Christmas Gifts in WoT; Vinnie Jones as Crewman

We have learned the first details of this year's Christmas Operations in World of Tanks. This time Vinnie Jones will accompany us during the winter battles.

Source: Wargaming

Wargaming has prepared many attractions for this year's Christmas events in World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz and World of Tanks Modern Armor.

  1. The Christmas Operations 2024 event will kick off on December 1, this year.
  2. It will be graced by Vinnie Jones, the British actor and footballer who has become the face of this year's Christmas Operations. As part of the event, he will terminate his contract with Santa Claus and resign from working for him in favor of a commander's position in World of Tanks.
  3. Players will be able to join Vinnie Jones in the garage, where he is expected to assign missions, the completion of which will be rewarded with gifts such as celebrity-inspired tank skins, emblems, inscriptions, medals, unique decorations, avatars and more.
  4. Players will also be able to recruit Vinnie to their crews and listen to his comments during winter battles.
  5. The whole event will be held with a lot of tongue-in-cheek dialogues and a solid portion of humor, which is well reflected in the video prepared for the event, available below.

It is worth recalling that Christmas events with the participation of celebrities are a tradition in World of Tanks. For example - two years ago, tank crews were joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Adrian Werner

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