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News video games 24 November 2021, 13:31

author: Adrian Werner

Iconic PlayStation Era jRPG Chrono Cross May Get a Remake

Rumors have surfaced online suggesting that Square Enix will announce a remake of the jRPG Chrono Cross next month.

  1. According to rumors a remake and remaster of Chrono Cross are in the pipeline;
  2. The projects are set to be announced on December 9, 2021.

There are many indications that Square Enix is preparing a remake of Chrono Cross, a classic jRPG released in 1999 for the 1st-gen PlayStation console.

The source of these reports is a well-known leaker Shpeshal_Nick. During the XboxEra podcast he stated that there are plans for both a remaster and a full remake of Chrono Cross and that the reveal will take place at this year's The Game Awards. Whether this information is true, we will find out quickly - the event will take place on December 9.

Of course, these are just reports of an insider, so until the official announcement they should be approached with caution. However, something must be up, because this is not the first time we hear such rumors. Some time ago, a list of games that will be coming to the GeForce Now service was leaked. It featured many unannounced games, including the remaster of Chrono Cross. Many of the games present in this list have been officially confirmed.

In addition, a few weeks ago folk singer Eabha McMahon revealed that she took part in a recording session for an unannounced remake of a PlayStation game. All she knows about the project is that it will be a big production and will be announced this December. Fans are suggesting that it's about new version of Chrono Cross or Xenogears.

Chrono Cross is a game from a series originating in the 16-bit Chrono Trigger. It also includes the adventure game Radical Dreamers, which was released exclusively in Japanese (at least officially, because fans have prepared their own English translation).

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