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News video games 24 March 2021, 15:24

Civilization 6's New Frontier Pass Attracts More Players Than DLCs

The New Frontier Pass turned out to be a spectacular success for the developers of Civilization VI. The latest update included in it is to be the biggest one so far.

  • The developers of Civilization 6 have spoken out about the New Frontier Pass;
  • The pass was said to have attracted more players to the game than all the previous DLCs;
  • The developers are also working on the last update for the New Frontier Pass, which will be available for free for everyone.

The New Frontier Pass was a kind of experiment by the devs of Civilization 6. Instead of releasing large expansions once in a while, they decided on a yearly marathon of smaller and regularly published DLCs. New nations, maps and game modes appeared in subsequent updates. This form of adding content to the game proved to be a hit. New Frontier Pass attracted more players to the game than all the previous DLCs combined.

The reason for this was explained in an interview with PCGamesN by Civilization 6 devs Kevin Schultz (producer) and Anton Strenger (lead designer). According to them, the New Frontier Pass was created as a project that would keep players interested for a longer time than traditional expansions. Instead of long pauses without any new content, it was supposed to make players look forward to more content from month to month. So new nations, maps and game modes were released at regular intervals. Some of the changes were also available for free. Stenger admitted that they very quickly noticeda new trend in Civilization 6 .

“One really cool statistic is the first month of the New Frontier Pass, the active users was actually higher than when we launched Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm. For a game that’s, like, four-and-a-half years old, it’s just incredible. We’ve seen a consistently higher baseline of active players, which translates into great feedback for us to make the packs even better."

So it's possible that the developers will continue this form of game development for another year. For now, however, they did not want to reveal their plans. Currently, the developers are focused on the latest update, which will be included in the New Frontier Pass. The new update will be available to all players for free. It will also be the biggest update of this kind in the history of Civilization 6. Unfortunately, it was not revealed what will be included in it. The only announced changes are balance improvements among all 50 available nations.

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