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News video games 17 August 2022, 13:57

CK3 DLC Price Hike; Players Don't Like It

The price of small DLCs for Crusader Kings 3 will soon almost double. This change displeased many players.

  • Paradox Interactive has announced that the price of DLCs for Crusader Kings 3 will almost double in price.
  • This has stirred up a lot of controversy among fans of the game.
  • Many people believe that the DLCs are not worth the new price.

Paradox Interactive has announced a price hike for Crusader Kings 3 DLCs. Small expansions, which until now cost $6.99, will be available for purchase for $12.99, starting September 13. Obviously, this change was not to the liking of the gam's fans.

DLCs for CK3 twice as expensive

The decision on the increase was announced on Monday at the Paradox Forum. The message wrote that it was related to an attempt to better reflect the value of the said DLCs.

The existing price is simply supposed to be too small compared to the content that will be coming to the game with further expansions of this kind. It is also supposed to enable the developers to maintain the high quality of new content.

It was to be expected that the news would not be appreciated by the players. The reactions under the post are overwhelmingly negative. In turn, users' responses clearly suggest what they think about the change and the developers' explanations.

Many people said that the price of DLCs referred to as Flavor Packs being almost doubled is completely unjustified. According to some, they resemble paid updates, which are not worth the standard price, let alone $13.

CK3 DLC Price Hike; Players Dont Like It - picture #1

Source: Paradox Forum

After all, let's recall that we are talking about small DLCs, and not the significantly more extensive expansions, such as the recently released Royal Court. The price of larger add-ons will not change.

Gamers also did not miss the statement that the higher price will enable developers to maintain the quality of new content. Fans of Paradox Interactive games mercilessly pointed out to the company that it is difficult to talk about high quality in their case, bearing in mind such DLCs as Leviathan for Europa Universalis 4.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that many fans were most outraged by the retroactivity of the price change. Some people have accepted that DLCs that will be released in the future will be more expensive. However, they do not understand why the increase will also include old ones, which, after all, do not include more content, like the developers plan.

CK3 DLC Price Hike; Players Dont Like It - picture #2

Source: Paradox Forum

It would seem, then, that this time the Swedish developers have overdid it and their move may backfire. However, it is worth remembering that Paradox Interactive is even known for its controversies related to DLC releases.

So far, even the biggest scandals involving outright non-working products have not affected the company. So it is doubtful that this time the story will end differently, and Paradox will back down from the announced changes.

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