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News guides 08 March 2024, 09:15

author: Damian Gacek

Classes in Backpack Battles (BPB) Explained

In the guide we will present you all classes in BPB. Let’s learn more about the game.

Source: Backpack Battles, developer: PlayWithFurcifer

Backpack Battles is a new auto battler on Steam. While it was released today in Early Access, many players recognize this title, as the demo of BPB was quite popular long before the game premiere. However, EA debut introduces many interesting novelties, for example new classes. Let’s talk about them.

Classes in Backpack Battles Explained

Thre are 4 classes at the moment – Ranger, Reaper, Pyromancer and Berserk. The greatest difference between them is in the unique equipment. While there is a large pool of common items, each class has special tools, pets and affinities. Thanks to that builds differ between characters a lot.

  1. Ranger - this character specializes in dealing critical damage to opponents. They can use bows. Ranger has many items connected to nature, and some unique pets, which are forest creatures.
  2. Reaper – this is a magical class, which specializes in damage over time. Reaper has a wide range of potions, and likes to poison opponents. This character also uses various cards as a tool.
  3. Berserker – as the name suggests, this character likes heavy armors and very big weapons. Even their pets are armored.
  4. Pyromancer – it is a another magical class. Pyromancers are able to wield both ice and fire, of course the hot element is the default one here. If you like dragons, this character is for you, as all pets, which belong to this class, look like them.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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