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News guides 16 April 2024, 01:51

author: Damian Gacek

Cooper Howard, The Ghoul, Role in Fallout 4 Explained

Cooper Howard is one of the main characters in the Fallout TV series. Let’s learn what The Ghoul's role is in Fallout 4.

Source: Fallout 4, developer: Bethesda Game Studios

The recently released Fallout TV series proves once more that a popular show can be a boost for games’ popularity. Many players decided to check out Fallout franchise after watching the TV series. Not all of them are there for a gameplay, though. Some of the fans want to learn more about lives of their favorite characters. One of them is Cooper Howard, also known as The Ghoul. Let’s learn more about his appearance in Fallout 4.

Ghouls in Fallout

We should start with the fact that ghouls are nothing new in the Fallout universe. It is possible to meet them in all games. Most of them were “created” during the Great War of 2077, but not all. There are even cases, where people changed into them on purpose, before the tragedy.

Ghouls can turn feral, lose their minds and be very dangerous. However, many of them live among the regular humans, like Cooper Howard from the show. There are also rare cases when ghouls start their own communities.

Cooper Howard, The Ghoul, Role in Fallout 4

Life of a ghoul can be a long one, as is in the case of Cooper Howard. Many players are tempted to learn more about his previous adventures. We must sadden you The Ghoul is a new character in the franchise, and it is his first appearance.

While time for a ghoul is not very important, many fans are looking for Howard and other characters from the TV series in Fallout 4. It is understandable, as this part of the franchise is the closest one to the show (timeline doesn’t lie). However, you have to remember that the TV series and FO4 take place on different coasts. They are separated by over 4800 km (or almost 3000 miles).

Damian Gacek

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