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News video games 21 July 2021, 17:37

author: Szarmancki

First Reviews: Cris Tales - Another Good Game of 2021

The first reviews of the fairy tale jRPG Cris Tales have appeared in the web. Critics are satisfied with the story and gameplay. Although there are some mistakes, fans of the genre will feel at home.

Yesterday's release of Cris Tales, a fairytale representative of classic jRPGs, enabled fans of the genre to feel at home. Also critics, who traveled the land of Crystallis and the four kingdoms, speak about Dreams Uncorporated's game with appreciation. And although not all review scores are high, most reach the top of the scale. Such reviews enable us to confidently state that Cris Tales is another successful game released in 2021.

On Metacritic the game achieved an average score of 75 points, while the lowest of the critic ratings still reaches above the half of the available scale. Now all we have to do is wait for the response of fans, who tomorrow will provide the review aggregator with their opinions on Cris Tales. However, we do not expect these to significantly deviate from those left by professional reviewers.

Sample review scores of Cris Tales:

  • - 85/100
  • GameSpot - 80/100
  • Gfinity - 80/100
  • Metro GameCentral - 70/100
  • Millenium - 65/100
  • GameMAG - 9/10
  • Push Square - 8/10
  • IGN Italy - 7.6/10
  • Spaziogames - 7.3/10
  • TechRaptor - 6/10

Reviewers describe Cris Tales as a satisfying experience, full of intriguing narrative, fun puzzles, and engaging combat. Characters such as the hilarious Wilhelm and the well-written protagonist Crisbell, who wields time magic, have also been praised. The protagonist's abilities have an interesting effect on skirmishes, and though the latter are a bit too frequent, they are not demanding enough to scare away beginners.. Some reservations appear when it comes to the final chapters of the game, which, according to critics, are not as satisfying as the earlier ones, but they are still worth playing through. The game also suffers from slightly stiff animations and technical problems, which result in fps drops during battles.

Published by Modus Games, Cris Tales launched on July 20, 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

  1. Dreams Uncorporated - official website
  2. Cris Tales - official website
Cris Tales

Cris Tales

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