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News video games 29 December 2021, 21:11

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Ton of Novelties Coming to Crusader Kings 3; Royal Court DLC and Free Patch in a Nutshell

We're still waiting for the debut of Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court, but there's nothing stopping us from listing the revealed novelties from the big DLC and the accompanying free update.

  1. Paradox Interactive has released another teaser for the Crusader Kings III: Royal Court DLC;
  2. Along with the release of the DLC, the game will gain three-dimensional mansions, which will give us access to new options (if we take proper care of their splendor), and more extensive system of cultures (enabling us to, i.a. to combine them);
  3. In addition, we'll get a photo mode and an update with artifacts and minor character titles.

The wait for the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III is getting long for fans of this massive strategy game, especially since they were originally due to receive the DLC as early as this year, rather than in 2022. The only consolation are the regularly released posts from Paradox Interactive. In the latest of them the devs gave us a taste of one of the free novelties associated with CK3: Royal Court: artifacts.

Ton of Novelties Coming to Crusader Kings 3; Royal Court DLC and Free Patch in a Nutshell - picture #1
Royal Court will enable us to boast the rich collection of our dynasty.

Crusader Kings 3 - something for free...

The expansion is now available for pre-order, but not all novelties will require the purchase of the DLC. For free Crusader Kings III will offer minor court titles, partly known from the second installment of the series such as seneschal, antiquarian, and food tester. The devs ensure that they will be more important than in the second installment.

Apart from that we will also gain free access to the aforementioned artifacts, which we will be able to equip on out characters or the court (more on that in a moment). Each of these unique items will provide us with various bonuses, for example, to the gained prestige or "immunity" to intrigues.

Here the devs have also decided on important changes compared to the second installment. Firstly, in CK3 each artifact will be placed in a character's or court's inventory slot, making it harder to accumulate bonuses en masse. Secondly, the power of the artifacts will weaken over time, so don't count on being able to make the life of the next generation too easy.

...and paid access to the Royal Court

Although artifacts can be obtained without purchasing Royal Court, the expansion will make it easier to collect more powerful artifacts. All thanks to the eponymous court, which we will see in full 3D as a visual representation of the prestige and power of the dynasty. It should be added that access to it will be granted only to feudal and clan governments, as well as kings and emperors.

The court will not only serve the purpose of flattering our ego. Here we will be able to meet with courtiers and vassals, which will give us access to new events. It may also happen that our visitors will desire patronage to devote themselves to creating certain projects. These people with inspiration - craftsmen, artists and thinkers - will supply our court with various treasures, including the aforementioned artifacts.

Source: Paradox Interactive.

Noble guests will not stay in just any court. It will be necessary to take care of the right equipment, good food, the well-being of the courtiers, etc. Royal Court will introduce 10 levels of splendor, and the visiting characters will have specific expectations towards the splendor of the court, depending on the power of our domain. If we exceed them, we'll gain valuable bonuses, but if we fail... well, then we'll learn that it's better not to cut corners on apparent luxuries (including artifacts displayed at the court).

Crusader Kings 3 culturally

A separate, but related to the courts novelty from the Royal Court will be cultures. Paradox will streamline the current system, enabling us to abandon cultures or combine them into new mixes. Each option will enable us to further develop certain traditions (which act as bonuses) and will translate into the environment of our domain.

Ethos will define the nature of the culture (stoic, warrior, etc.) and pillars will translate into names, clothing, and architecture in our lands. Culture will also influence the appearance of the court, which will be presented in one of four main styles.

An interesting new feature will be the appearance of multiple languages in Crusader Kings III. No, it's not about additional localization, but foreign language mechanics in Royal Court. Characters - including courtiers - will be able to learn new languages. Appropriate use of linguistic talents will facilitate conversations with visitors from faraway lands, and may have different consequences depending on the context in which a given language is used.

These are not all the attractions prepared by Paradox Interactive. The developers promise many more novelties, including those in the upcoming free update to Crusader Kings III. Apparently, players will have something to read about in the next entries. For example, about photo mode, which will enable us to capture the court of our dynasty from the best side.

Crusader Kings III: Royal Court will be released on February 8 on Steam and the official Paradox Interactive store.

Jacob Blazewicz

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