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News Files and Mods 10 October 2021, 21:23

author: Adrian Werner

CS 1.6-inspired Mod CS: GO Classic Offensive Gets New Update

An important update has been released for the Classic Offensive mod. This project replicates the feel and solutions of classic Counter-Strike 1.6 in CS:GO.

A new update has been released for the Classic Offensiveproject, a modification for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which aims to recreate the charm of the classic CS 1.6.

The new version of the mod has been marked as 1.2.5d. It is not a big update, but its installation is a must for people playing with this project, because it fixes a number of bugs that appeared on the occasion of the release of Operation Riptide in CS:GO. Following the release of this Operation in Classic Offensive strange things started happening - grenades would disappear, some menus wouldn't work, and headshots wouldn't have the desired effect. With 1.2.5d, all of these issues have been fixed.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game loved by millions, but there is a group of players who miss the 1.6 version of the original Counter-Strike. With them in mind, the Classic Offensive was born. However, the project does not attempt to be a remake of the original. Instead, the creators went a different way and tried to make something that combines the best elements of the oldest and newest incarnation of the brand.

In general, the gameplay remains very close to version 1.6 in terms of mechanics, content and atmosphere. However, the improvements from CS:GO, such as a better engine, improved interface, and a more balanced gameplay experience have been added. In addition, the developers have reworked all of the maps to have an atmosphere reminiscent of old action movies.


If you choose to play on Classic Offensive here are the three most active servers:

  1. CS:GO Classic Offensive - download page
  2. CS:GO Classic Offensive mod - official website
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