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News video games 19 August 2022, 14:10

author: Jakub Tarchala

Cult of the Lamb With Over a Million Players

Massive Monster has something to celebrate. The developers of Cult of the Lamb boast of sales results and promise bug fixes.

Studio Massive Monster has reason to be proud. Cult of the Lamb needed only a week to find one million buyers. The success is remarkable, especially since this is the studio's debut game. On this occasion the developers published a short message on Twitter:

Massive Monster makes no secret of its gratitude, adding that it is working on "improving the game, eliminating fixes and adding free major content updates." Unfortunately, but we do not know the sales results by platform, but it can be assumed that the developers need not fear a drop in popularity in the near future. The day after its release, the game was more popular than the Spider-Man remaster. Such a result bodes well for the future.

Cult of the Lamb With Over a Million Players - picture #1

The developers thank the players for the great reception and trust.. This is not without significance - the title has been facing numerous technical problems since its release, most of them serious. Players complain, for example, about disappearing bonfires preventing them from completing the game, problems with sound, "black fog" preventing passage to a key location, or overlapping textures. Despite this, the game can boast 90% positive reviews on Steam.

The title can be purchased on multiple platforms: on PC thanks to Steam and GOG, PS4 and PS5 in the PS Store, and Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X through the Microsoft Store. The title is also available on Nintendo Switch.

Jakub Tarchala

Jakub Tarchala

He started by producing content on YouTube in 2020, but eventually found out writing was his real jam. He set up a modest blog where he published video game reviews, and two years later combined his work with his hobby and started writing for Gamepressure. He loves Terry Pratchett's offbeat sense of humor and the philosophical mysteries of the universe embedded in Stanislaw Lem's novels. He enjoys watching comedies and horror movies. He has a profound affection for the Stalker universe (electronic, written, and pasted). In his spare time he plays guitar and collects Marvel cards.


Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb