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News video games 12 August 2022, 11:31

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Cult of the Lamb Beat Spider-Man Remaster on Steam

The release of Cult of the Lamb took place yesterday, and the game is already successful. This is evidenced, for example, by the high number of active players on Steam or the high spot on the platform's bestseller list.

  1. Cult of the Lamb turned out to be a huge success, with between 40,000 and more than 60,000 concurrent users on Steam.
  2. The game competes with the remaster of Spider-Man for the first place on Steam's bestseller list, as noted by the developers themselves.
  3. Unfortunately Cult of the Lamb suffers from several major bugs, which are the game's main drawback.

A new game from publisher Devolver Digital, Cult of the Lamb, was doomed to success. Even before its release it received great reviews and was (and still is) praised for its interesting concept, beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay, among other things. Apparently, people needed the game about a cute but deadly lamb leading its own sect, as Cult of the Lamb is being played by tens of thousands of people. And that's just on Steam.

Toe to toe with Spider-Man

Cult of the Lamb was created by a small studio called Massive Monster, known for such titles as The Adventure Pals or Never Give Up. Their latest game can be considered a success that will bring the studio publicity. Cult of the Lamb is being played by an average of 40-60 thousandconcurrent users on Steam. However, this is only part of the truth, because the game also came out on GOG, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch. So the total number of players leading their followers is certainly much higher.

Cult of The Lamb also remains at the top of Steam's bestseller list. For a while, the game was even higher than the previously leading Spider-Man remaster. The developers themselves pointed this out on Twitter. They released a short video with the list of Steam bestsellers, on whichtheir game that is seen higher than Spider-Man. The shout in the background "We'll meet again, Spider-Man!" probably all too much describes the excitement about it. The developers later added, in a more serious tone, that players should try Spider-Man right after playing Cult of the Lamb.

Bugged Lamb

Despite the incredible popularity of Cult of the Lamb, the game has some flaws. The main ones are technical shortcomings and bugs - sometimes amusing, and sometimes preventing enjoyable gameplay. Especially the bug related to the tier three of the Divine Inspiration skill tree has become notorious. Many players are complaining about this problem, which prevents them from unlocking this tier at all.

Cult of the Lamb Beat Spider-Man Remaster on Steam - picture #1

The developers are reportedly aware of the problem and perhaps in one of the future updates they will fix this, as well as other bugs still present in Cult of the Lamb.

  1. Cult of the Lamb - official website
  2. Massive Monster - official website
Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb

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