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News video games 14 March 2023, 15:14

author: Adrian Werner

Darkest Dungeon Will Get New Campaign Thanks to Fans

Next week will see the debut of Black Reliquary, a fan-made expansion that will add a new campaign to Darkest Dungeon.

Busy working on Darkest Dungeon II, Red Hook Studios has long since finished developing the first installment. However, not all fans are as eager to abandon it. A certain group of players is currently working on a huge mod that will expand the game with a new campaign.

  1. The modification is titled Black Reliquary.
  2. The creators have received the blessing of Red Hook Studios, and thus the modification will be available for download on Steam as an unofficial free DLC (and not through Steam Workshop like standard mods).
  3. The project will debut in early access on March 24, this year.

In Black Reliquary the player's team will go exploring the eponymous mysterious structure built in the desert. The mod will offer:

  1. a new campaign,
  2. new locations,
  3. new characters,
  4. new types of monsters,
  5. an original soundtrack,
  6. heavily modified gameplay.

The project promises to be very ambitious. Darkest Dungeon has grown quite a large modding community, but most of the mods released for this game were modest - they changed the gameplay or at most added a new character class. Black Reliquary is more like an actual DLC in size and should prove to be a real treat for fans of the game.

Recall that Darkest Dungeon debuted on PC in January 2016. The sequel, on the other hand, was released in early access in October 2021, and version 1.0 is expected to debut on May 8, this year.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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