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News guides 21 December 2023, 05:12

author: Agnes Adamus

DBD - Knight Disabled, Exploit Will Be Fixed

Knight in DBD was disabled (killswitched) due to an exploit. You will learn more about this in our guide.

Source: Dead by Daylight, developer: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is popular asymmetrical horror game. It allows to play many interesting characters, both killers and survivors. Recently Behaviour Interactive had to disable one of the killers - Knight. This was the result of an exploit. In our guide you will find out what exactly caused this bug.

Knight exploit in DBD

Knight’s power – Guardia Compagnia – is very specific. This killer can summon one of his three companions – The Carnifex, The Assassin or The Jailer. Each of them has their own unique abilities. Additionally, they always appear in the same order, and you cannot change it.

Recently, however, an exploit appeared that allowed Knight to summon all three of the Guardia Compagnia at the same time. In order to do this, you had to pass through the window twice, somewhere on the route set for the companion. You can see this in the shared video, created by one of the fans. Of course, the practical application of this error is nearly impossible, because all companions appear in the same area. The terrain their cover is quite small, so it makes them less useful than without this exploit.

Regardless, this bug resulted in Knight being temporarily disabled (killswitched). Unfortunately, it will probably not be activated again until after Christmas, we have to wait for the next patch.

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