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News guides 05 December 2023, 05:59

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Get Jingle Cane in Dead By Daylight (DBD)

In Dead by Daylight you can get many Christmas skins. From this guide you will learn how to receive Jingle Cane.

Source: Dead by Daylight, developer: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is a popular asymmetrical horror game. Like other live service titles, DBD also celebrates Christmas. On this occasion, you can buy many seasonal skins. One of them is Jingle Cane. In this guide you will learn how to get it, as it is not so straightforward.

Jingle Cane in DBD

Jingle Cane is unique Christmas Weapon for Blight. It is not available in the game shop. You can only get it in one way – by purchasing any amount of Aurelic Cells. When the transaction is completed, you will automatically receive this weapon.

  1. Jingle Cane is kept in the Christmas spirit. There is a bow on it. However, the bell is especially worth mentioning – it triggers unique attack sound.
  2. This item has one significant weakness. It is extremely large and covers more of the screen than the basic version of the weapon.

You can learn about Jingle Cane availability thanks to the banner on the shop page, advertising the purchase of Aurelic Cells. It is currently unknown how long it will be possible to obtain the weapon. This is a quite specific situation, as most skins are simply available in the game store.

You must also remember that Bone Chill, the DBD's winter event, will launch on 14 December. Most likely then there will be even more Christmas skins.

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