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News video games 10 November 2022, 14:09

author: Adam Adamczyk

Dead Cells - Jacket (Hotline Miami), Katana ZERO, Risk of Rain Skins

Dead Cells offers a lot of interesting skins. The latest update, called Everyone is Here vol. II introduced even more of them. In this guide you will learn how to get Jacket from Hotline Miami and skins from Risk of Rain and Katana Zero.

Dead Cells is a popular action-packed roguelike game in which we can acquire a lot of interesting equipment. In the game we can also obtain skins of characters known from many other titles. The latest update called Everyone is Here vol. II introduced even more of them.. In this guide you will learn how to get items based on games such as Hotline Miami, Risk of Rain and Katana Zero.

Dead Cells - Jacket from Hotline Miami

Skin from Hotline Miami is called Modernized Bomber Jacket. This item can be obtained after defeating an opponent with the Baseball Bat right after being stunned after destroying a door or due to falling debris. It is not the easiest skin to get, but if you own a Baseball Bat, you will have plenty of opportunities to get it.

Dead Cells - Risk of Rain

This skin is called Commando Outfit and to get it, all you need to do is defeat 2 Shadow Imps, which will spawn at a random altar in the biome. This is one of the easiest skins to get and many players got it relatively quickly, without the need for guides.

Dead Cells - Katana Zero

Skin from Katana Zero is called Zero Outfit. To obtain it, you must defeat 15 opponents with Hattori's Katana without receiving damage. Of the three skins described, this one is the most difficult to obtain, because first you need to have the aforementioned weapon, and then you need to be careful not to receive any damage while defeating 15 opponents. Hattori's Katana can be obtained by defeating Weirded Warriors. We then have a 1.7% chance of dropping this weapon..

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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Dead Cells

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