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News video games 23 March 2023, 15:01

author: Adam Adamczyk

Dead Cells vs Hades - Which One is Better for You?

Hades and Dead Cells are two, similar roguelikes. What are the differences? How are they similar? Which is better for you? Here’s a quick answer.

There are many games out there who feel alike. Developing games inherently involves reusing or reiterating ideas. In recent years, we got a particular couple: Hades and Dead Cells, which stand out with one detail: they're both excellent.


  1. Mechanics – the main similarity between Hades and Dead Cells is the gameplay model. But that's a matter of course – they're both roguelikes, which entails the usual set if rules. If the protagonist dies, we have to start over, keeping only the unlocked skills, which makes each subsequent approach slightly easier than the previous one.
  2. Graphics – both games utilize colorful, pixelart graphics that many players liked. In the case of Hades, it's a bit more refined and detailed.
  3. Difficulty – as roguelikes, these two are characterized by a relatively high entry threshold, which that doesn't mean they're inaccessible. In fact, they were both praised for very satisfying gameplay, which constitutes another big similarity.
Dead Cells vs Hades - Which One is Better for You? - picture #1
Hades (top) and Dead Cells (below).


  1. Perspective – the major difference is the camera placement. Hades uses a top-down isometric perspective, while Dead Cells is a 2D side-scroller.
  2. StoryHades features an interesting and prominent story, so it would be recommended for players looking for story-driven experiences. In Dead Cells story is mostly limited to a bare minimum.
  3. Protagonist – in Hades we play as Zagreus, a talkative hero that managed to win quite a few hearts with his charm. Dead Cells is the complete opposite – the character is Beheaded, a protagonist, who's completely silent.
  4. Platforms – both are available on PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4, while Dead Cells is also available in mobile version on Android and iOS. Hades, in turn, is the one available on next-gen: PS5 and Xbox X & S.
  5. Weapons – if you care about a rich assortment of weapons in a game, Dead Cells is the recommended option, in this respect superior to Hades. The latter contains just 6 weapons, but makes up for it with the character development system, rendering combat very satisfying.

Which game to choose?

If you care about the story, memorable characters and are looking for a game that will suffice for longer, Hades is a great choice.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a combat-oriented game, higher difficulty and, in the perfect match, a 2D platformer, you might love Dead Cells. By the way, it can also be recommended as a fine mobile experience.

Both games relatively often appear on Steam sales, so you can get them for significantly less if you’re reasonably patient.

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