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News video games 29 June 2023, 16:21

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Dead Cells and Terraria Crossover in First Teasers

This year, Terraria will get update 1.4.5, which will add elements from Dead Cells, among others. A foretaste of the new features is shown by new graphics and a duel between the CEO of Re-Logic and a youtuber.

Source: Twin Motion.

More than a decade after its debut, Terraria is still immensely popular, constantly remaining on the list of the most popular games on Steam. The game also continues to receive new content, including the recently announced crossover with Dead Cells, which was again mentioned by the developers.

Recently, Andrew "Redigit" Spinks - the main author of the game - had a duel with the youtuber James "ChippyGaming" Bennett. At stake was the position of CEO of Re-Logic, but for players it became more about seing new elements from the upcoming "final" update 1.4.5, which will introduce the aforementioned crossover with Dead Cells.

Moreover, although on the official subredditof Terrarii, users are still not allowed to publish their own posts (due to a protest), Redigit posted a thread with a teaser of Dead Cells in Terraria (formally: a petition for Motion Twin's game to take over the forum).

Dead Cells and Terraria Crossover in First Teasers - picture #1
Source: Andrew "Redigit" Spinks / Reddit.

The image shows a room well known to Motion Twin's roguelike players, full of jars with unlockable equipment for the main character. Most likely, in Terraria we will see a new variant of the so-called Item Frame, which enables you to display items on a wall, block or platforms.

The image also shows a character wearing armor vividly resembling the player's armor from Dead Cells, as well as the Flint hammer - the first weapon in the game acquired after defeating a boss. In addition, both the graphics and the video of Redigit's duel with ChippyGaming reveal that more whips and a new type of ammunition, among other things, are headed to the game.

In addition to these two videos Spinks is also running a strange campaign on Twitter. In a recent post, the developer encourages players to insert trees next to their username on that service if they want to add - as he expressed with emotes - a "rainbow / stone." Whatever that means.

Patch 1.4.5 is supposedly the culmination of the development of Terraria, but not the brand itself. Admittedly, the developer still has not definitively confirmed that the second part is indeed being developed, but fans are not losing hope even after the humorous teasers from the developers. In addition, we know that work is ongoing on adding a crossplay function to the first game.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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