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News video games 26 March 2023, 22:40

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Diablo 4 Open Beta With Less Player Praises Than a Week Ago

It seems that the delight of the first Diablo 4 beta tests has given way to a colder assessment of the game's condition. While there are numerous players who compliment Blizzard's new game, critical opinions prevail.

The first round of beta testing of Diablo IV took place last weekend, for players who decided to preorder the game. At the time, their feedback on the title - which was probably heavily influenced by the joy associated with the arrival of the long-awaited game - was overwhelmingly positive. In the comments there were often opinions about the interesting storyline or the atmospheric soundtrack.

Unfortunately, as is often the case in life, after time there comes a moment when infatuation gives way to sober analysis. This appears to be what is happening during the second round of open beta testing of Diablo IV.

Diablo 4's downsides

  • While browsing through the various threads dedicated to Diablo IV on message boards, surprisingly, most often one can come across criticism of necromancer's skeletons, which according to the community look cartoonish. At first glance, this may seem a rather trivial problem, but their appearance annoys the players to such an extent that they can not focus on the game.
  • Also deserving a big minus, according to the users, is the boring and oversimplified skill tree, in which "it's not worth investing any points" According to players, this element is a step backward compared to Diablo III, where it was more varied (although the third game was criticized for the same thing compared to the second).
  • Another pain of the Diablo IV beta is the lack of offline mode. Many users would really like to just participate in the adventure on their own.
  • A thorn in the side of many players is also the druid class. In their opinion, the character's skills are poorly balanced. Unlike the necromancer, who sow panic among enemies from the first levels, the druid cannot deal with boss battles. Nevertheless, in this case, opinions are divided, as there are comments saying that the druid can be an equally strong "fighter", provided one develops the skills properly (while some consider the necromancer too powerful).
  • Test participants also point out that the fourth installment in some aspects more resembles an MMO game than the previous games..
  • The low-slung camera, which last week pained the players, continues to make gameplay difficult. While it was difficult to expect a significant change here with a few days between the tests, let's hope that for the release of the full version of Diablo IV the option will be adjusted accordingly.

Below you can read some sample critical comments from users.

"I absolutely agree. Zooming in [the camera - ed. note] and looking at the skeleton model is very annoying," VerraTheDM.

"The skill tree makes me think of Dragon Age. Simplified, disappointing, boring," BumblebeeExpensive.

"Yes, I would like to be able to just play solo, and that should be possible offline," walkingsimlvl200.

"Apparently the druid is better in late game, but yes, in the beginning it is quite weak," shutterwolf.

"I really don't understand why they haven't fixed this yet. I played the game with a few friends and they all agree that the camera is too zoomed in," rancid_.

Pros of Diablo 4

However, as a consolation, it is worth noting that Diablo IV beta still finds recognition both among fans of the series and newcomers. Not only that, you can even come across reviews comparing the game to the seond installment, a game that, despite the passage of years, is still considered one of the best action RPGs ever.

"I have played all the installments of the series and what I love most about D4, is that it reminds me a lot of D2, both are simply super polished titles. People may disagree and that's fine, but for me it's like a true successor and, frankly, that's the kind of game we should get instead of D3. They are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They are simply developing their own open world title. Great," RedditClout.

"I approached the beta with very low expectations and am pleasantly surprised by how much I like it. The game is a lot of fun for me," Yamatoman9.

To sum up, Diablo IV continues to be plagued by some problems. Hopefully, the beta-testing of the game and the feedback participants gathered during this time will help the developers to properly prepare the title for release. The launch will take place on June 6. Diablo IV will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, XONE and XSX/S..

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