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News video games 24 June 2024, 02:17

author: Kamil Kleszyk

5th Season of Diablo 4 Take Us Back to Hell. Blizzard Published Long List of Changes

The Public Test Realm (PTR) of the fifth season of Diablo 4 is about to launch. That's why, Blizzard revealed a pervasive list of changes and new features that will hit the game.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

It seems that Diablo IV has already overcome all its failures. The hack'n'slash RPG from Blizzard Entertainment is extremely popular on Game Pass and, most importantly, it receives a lot of positive feedback from players. The rising wave on which the game is located doesn't relieve devs from further improving it. Blizzard is well aware of this, and the proof of this is the revealed huge list of new features that will be added to the game with the start of the fifth season.

However, before this happens, the developers will give fans a chance to test them from June 25 to July 2 on the Public Test Realm (PTR). I will attempt to only mention the key changes and new features from the players' perspective, as the list of updates in version 1.5.0 is truly gigantic.

New campaign

The most important elements of the update are a new campaign in which " enemies are cut-down, alliances shift, and unlikely friends emerge from the shadows," and new endgame content.

This campaign is to take place immediately after the events of the base game and will be available in the Seasonal and Eternal Realms (in the latter it will remain active even after the end of the fifth season). To gain access to it, players will have to go to Hawezar in World Tier III to explore the world and investigate the turmoil among its inhabitants.

Infernal Hordes

Completing the questline will grant you access to the Infernal Hordes, a new end-game activity. The players' task will be to survive 90-second, "seemingly endless" waves of Hell's Legions. By eliminating successive ranks of enemies, we will collect the Burning Aether, which will allow us to unlock new equipment.

The devs also prepared the Hell Compass providing access to Hell. The Compass has eight different levels that scale in terms of difficulty and world tier. The higher the level of the Compass, the more powerful the enemy waves will be and the more attractive the rewards. It can also be improved.

After surviving all the waves, the Fell Council known from Diablo II will be waiting for us. In the fourth installment, these characters will certainly not turn out to be positive. Players have to fight them, and if they win, they will have the opportunity to spend Burning Aether on the Spoils of Hell. The task will not be too easy, however, as each of the 5 priests will be equipped with unique abilities. As if that wasn't enough, as they receive further damage, the attacks of the Council members will become even more intense.

New items

The developers mentioned that the update will also bring 50 new unique and legendary items. Players will be able to re-summon bosses without having to reset the entire dungeon. Additionally, PTR will allow testing of fixes for individual character classes and gameplay improvements.

How to participate in PTR?

  1. Open the Blizzard app and select Diablo IV from the game list.
  2. Above the "Play" button there is a drop-down menu of the game versions.
  3. Select the "Public Test Realm" option.
  4. Click "Install." When everything is ready, the "Play" button will activate.
  5. Click the "Play" button to log in to the PTR and select any of the available test servers.

If you are a PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate user, you can access the PTR in the same way as other users. All you need to do is open the launcher program in the Xbox app and launch the PTR.

If you want to know more details about the 1.5.0 update, you can review the developer's message or watch the last Campfire Chat, during which the update for the fourth season of Diablo IV was also discussed.

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