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News video games 09 May 2023, 14:38

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Diablo 4 x KFC Team Up Returns? Chicken is to Provide In-game Rewards

Blizzard Entertainment is apparently planning another collaboration with fast food restaurant chain KFC. Once again, it involves Diablo 4.

In March, Blizzard Entertainment entered a partnership with KFC, whereby U.S. residents - by purchasing a Double Down sandwich - were able to get an access code to the first closed beta tests of Diablo IV. The deal was very successful, so it's no surprise that information about another such action has appeared online (via Wowhead).

  • A few days ago on the Diablo IV subreddit somebody published a post, announcing the further cooperation of fast food chain with Blizzard. It is expected to result in an event that will begin on May 29 and last until July 2.
  • During the action, customers who make a purchase through the restaurant's website or its mobile app will be able to get resources in Diablo IV.

At the moment it is not known what these "resources" will be, but most likely they are cosmetic items that will be collectible in the game after the release.

True or false?

The source of the leak is a Reddit user nicknamed GoreDeathKill. This is the same person who was responsible for sharing information about KFC's first partnership with Blizzard before it was officially announced.

The veracity of the reports may also be evidenced by the fact that the post has disappeared from Reddit. So there is a suspicion that one of the parties asked the website's moderation to remove the message.

Either way, we will soon find out whether chicken sandwiches will provide us with rewards in D4. The game's release is just around the corner, as is the date of a potential collaboration between the two companies.

Diablo 4 will launch on June 6. The game is heading to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Slightly earlier, players will be able to return to Sanctuary via the second open beta testing, which will begin at 9 p.m. CET on May 12 and last until 9 p.m. CET on May 14.

Kamil Kleszyk

Kamil Kleszyk

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