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News video games 05 March 2024, 00:05

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Blizzard Listened to Diablo 4 Players. We'll Test Loot Changes Before Season 4

A Public Test Server is coming to Diablo 4 and will allow players to test major changes to the item system. Blizzard has also confirmed the release date for Gauntlet.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment / Microsoft.


Diablo IV received update 1.3.3 (on all platforms). You can check the full list of changes here.

Original news

The new Diablo has many cons. Players are still waiting for the devs to at least disclose some information about their strategies for addressing the game's major problems. Apparently, the developers have finally listened to one of the main requests: Blizzard is preparing a Public Test Server (PTR), where you will be able to check the changes coming to the game in advance. Details were revealed during the latest stream from the "Campfire chat" series.

Public Test Server and items changes

This doesn't mean that the studio will test every new feature. According to Adam Fletcher (community lead for the Diablo franchise), the decision will be based on the extent of the changes, but the PTR will certainly be available before the next season. The loot system will undergo significant changes, and the testing start date will be revealed in a few weeks.

Diablo fans have long been demanding a Public Test Server, but these demands have gained momentum following the disappointing start to the Season of the Construct. Many players were amazed at how some new features passed internal testing (including the long-hated traps, which were quickly nerfed) and cited these shortcomings as proof that Diablo 4 needed to allow players to test the changes before release.

The developers haven't yet said how exactly the loot system will be modified. It was only assured that there would be fundamental changes to the items obtained, "going beyond" the major updates introduced in the game's second season. Last year, Blizzard stated that loot was intended to mark the start of a "journey" and that it would be beneficial to players even if it didn't necessarily match their needs in the same condition as when it dropped from enemies.

Necromantic (and not only) Gauntlets

Devs also mentioned other changes. The Necromancer will be buffed as part of the balance adjustments, which will also involve bonuses for the Druid and Barbarian in the early stages of the game.

We will receive the first of these class modifications on March 5 with the release of update 1.3.3 and the long-awaited new feature: Gauntlet. The players were hoping for the release of this new feature at the beginning of the 3rd season, and it seems like it will be worth the wait. At least judging by the demo, the devs showed during the stream and the detailed discussion of this challenge on the official Diablo 4 website.

As a reminder: Gauntlet will be a challenging dungeon with layouts and enemies changing weekly. Players will have 8 minutes to complete the challenge, after which character improvements will appear upon defeating the boss. Raising it will revive all enemies, and the goal will be to collect as many Proofs of Might as possible.

This will determine the position in the rankings (divided by platform, class, number of players, and game mode), but the increased chance of obtaining unique items will also encourage competition. To rank as high as possible, many approaches will be necessary to find the best path and equipment for the character.

Is season 4 the last chance for Diablo 4?

The players received this information with moderate enthusiasm. They do like the announced updates - in fact, fans praise both the balance improvements in patch 1.3.3 and the long-awaited debut of the Gauntlet as well as the PTR.

Some Diablo fans feel that the changes are too few and small for the 8th month of the game, while others simply don't trust Blizzard. The memory of the disastrous debut of the Season of the Construct is still too fresh for players to completely trust the developers' words.

Some people indicate that the next season will be crucial for the future of Diablo 4. If the developers truly make meaningful changes (especially to the loot system), "four" has the potential to win over disappointed players.

If not, many of them might think about giving up the game for the sake of a large number of competitors. This figure will only continue to grow as there are upcoming sequels to Path of Exile and Titan Quest, as well as titles like No Rest for the Wicked and another expansion for Grim Dawn on the horizon. In this situation, even the upcoming debut on Xbox/PC Game Pass may not be enough to sustain interest in Diablo IV.

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