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News video games 15 January 2023, 22:03

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Blizzard Reassures That Diablo 4's Release Won't End D2 and D3 Updates

It looks like the upcoming June release of Diablo IV will not cause the two previous installments of the series to be abandoned by Blizzard. The iconic game will soon receive further updates.

At The Game Awards 2022 gala in December, the organizers graced us with a an atmospheric trailer of Diablo IV. The most important part of it was the information about the release date of the long-awaited game. It will debut on the market on June 6, 2023. The approaching date is, of course, a reason for many to rejoice, however, there are probably also people who feel uneasy about this state of affairs.

The imminent appearance of Diablo IV may raise concerns - and rightly so, by the way - about Blizzard's continued support of previous installments of the series.. However, it turns out that fans of the second and third game can rest easy. At least for now.

Diablo's community manager Adam "PezRadar" Fletcher via Reddit announced novelties heading to Diablo II: Resurrected and Diablo III in the near future. In addition, he reassured the game's community, assuring that Blizzard is seeing a lot of questions about the timing of upcoming seasons and updates (via PCGamesN).

"We just wanted to provide a brief update on the dates for upcoming seasons and updates to D2R and D3, as we've seen a lot of questions about it.

In the case of Diablo II: Resurrected we expect the ranking reset for Season 3 to begin in mid-February. We will share more details about the date with the community in the coming weeks.

As for Diablo III, players can expect the next update on the PTR [public test realm - ed. note] at the end of January. All the necessary information will appear on our blog a little earlier."

This is certainly good news for players, who - even with the upcoming Diablo IV - do not yet intend to part with the previous installments. Let's hope that even after the release of the fourth game Blizzard will not abandon support for its high-profile titles.

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